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MAG's big battlefields are a great place to wage war, as long as you can handle some of the rigors of combat.

Video Review:

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-Alpha3090d ago (Edited 3090d ago )

The Good

* Well-integrated command structure
* Quick, tense action
* Lots of ways to make your mark on the battlefield
* Large, well-designed maps.

The Bad

* Can be tough to get a command post
* Some technical awkwardness
* Occasional connectivity issues.

Seems like a fair review. They liked the game, and an 8.0 is a great score. I really hope people don't complain about it being too low.

Also I'm surprised that they were more generous than IGN. Usually it's the other way around.

Also, note that the pros and cons don't dictate the score. It's just a quick rundown.

I want to say that I am very impressed with MAG's score overall. I truly didn't expect AAA, but I was expecting AA at the most and I was even thinking that it would average something as low as 6.5

I am glad I was wrong. Dead wrong. I went from not being interested to wanting to buy it or at least try it.


I was never too confident with WKC, but I may pick it up sometime down the road.

jack_burt0n3090d ago

so does the fact that they gave monster hunter freedom unite a 6.5 make u a bit more optimistic about white knight?

mickross1233090d ago (Edited 3090d ago )

@Alpha Its like you just read my mind and typed before I even thought of it. I totally agree with you and I am glad that they spent about a week before writing their review for it, I'm gonna get this for sure now just becuase of this review ... well this and the S.V.E.R. video.

SB_tanker3090d ago (Edited 3090d ago )

In my book, I don't think its reasonable to score this game lower than a 7/10. I would rate it about a 8/10 - 8.5. 9/10 is kinda pushin it a bit IMO. As for connectivity issues, I don't experience any lag except for the 1 occasional hiccup every 10-15 games. That alone is impressive but the fact that you can be in a full game of 256 players at once and not experience ANY lag at all is a HUGE accomplishment. Especially for a console game.

The graphics may not be up to par with many other games this gen...but are in no way ugly.

To be honest, I didn't think Zipper could pull it off this well. And I think it'll only get better in the coming weeks/months once all the MW2 noobs start filtering out. ;)

pansenbaer3090d ago

I don't quite understand the negatives.

* Can be tough to get a command post - What is he talking about? Like, capturing a command post? or getting a command position?

* Some technical awkwardness - This one I some what understand. I always thought the holding of the gun looked pretty awkward. Was there anything else?

* Occasional connectivity issues. - Meh, it must be pretty rare. I've played close to 30 or 40 matches and never really experienced any issues.

Good score overall. I'm loving the game so far and I hope more people buy it.

-Alpha3090d ago (Edited 3090d ago )

Unrelated: Pretty big Muse fan myself. They are coming to my city and I hope that I can go see them :)

Anyways, they mentioned that the connectivity issues were very rare, but they still reported them.

Technical awkward issues are a given-- the animation and some technical kinks are expected in a massive game like this

And I'm thinking he means command position-- watch the video review.


Ironically enough, the last time I followed my instinct on a game it ended up becoming my GOTY (Demon's Souls FYI).

But I can't just simply pick up MAG. Read comment 8.0 I explain it there.

And yes, I'm waiting for BC2 so I can't just buy MAG on impulse.

Shang-Long3090d ago

Finally pickin up mag after work today. Was in two betas now ready for the real thing. Sad this is the only game I can afford to pick up for Jan AND Feb :(

pansenbaer3090d ago

I'll watch the video sometime. I'm on my little netbook and videos take forever to load. :)

I got tickets for their show in Colorado. Can't wait!

nix3090d ago (Edited 3090d ago )

dude.. i think you should just buy the game. you've been in every MAG article trying to make up your mind. i think the general thread has been very positive about the whole game. do it now unless you're waiting for something else or time to pass by. q:

follow your instinct. lol.

edit: @alpha:

lol.. i already know about your "Demon's Souls" story. q:

ThanatosDMC3090d ago (Edited 3090d ago )

Something about MAG that really pissed me off today was an a-hole OIC. He has the ability to talk to everyone on the SVER side and he wouldnt shut the f*** up. He just kept on talking, cussing, saying everybody should suck his d*ck, talking about how to take a sh*t, how he wants to f*ck 14 yr old girls or younger, racist comment, etc.

It wasnt even funny. I'd forgive it if it was actually humorous but it wasnt. There was no way to kick him since he's not in our squad. That totally ruined it for me. It's like he had a mic that accepted any noise or words that came from his side. You can even hear background music.

Nope, there was no way to mute him or kick him or ban him. His name was like KlNGBUNS or something. Clan [CPK]. His clan was his squad so no one would kick him.

@ Alpha

You're beating Bungie at this. Teh conspiracies!

BWS19823090d ago (Edited 3090d ago )

and oh, where are those couple 360 trolls here? I see they have a mystique about them, absent when this game gets a "good" review (though not perfect, sure it could improve), but they're present in all their rabid, frothy idiocy jumping up and down like apes when the game gets a 6 from some statistically proven biased site like EDGE...Wow, you guys aren't transparent at all!

I wish I could save up more money than I am (moving next month) so I could grab this one. I know it's a blast, and it will be mine eventually...

Aquanox3090d ago

This is the website Sony boys expected to score the game the highest. 8/10.

Solid yes. Must have, No.

WKS and MAG haven't been a good kick off for this year. Lets see what Heavy Rain has to offer when non biased (and non french) reviews surface.

raztad3090d ago


LOL. What is the difference between solid or must have? a good game is a good game. You should try playing more games and less reviews.

Every time I come across a review that tells me MAG is a 7 I just laugh at it. Why? because I OWN the damn game, and I have been playing the crap out of it.

Any hardcore FPS player passing on MAG is just a fool.

jack_burt0n3090d ago

lol aqua, splintercell delayed "for technical reasons" yeah the game hit 10 fps at points, dont count ur chickens.

frostypants3090d ago (Edited 3090d ago )

"I went from not being interested to wanting to buy it or at least try it."

Two things made me a believer:
1) The 128 player mob video the other day
2) Watching people play it via (I strongly recommend this for any prospective purchase...short of playing it, nothing gives a more thorough impression of a game than watching someone else play it live)

It does remind me of Warhawk quite a bit. Graphically solid but not spectacular, but vast in scope and rewarding those who play it "right".

As for review scores, to me the only difference between an 8 and a 9 is this: a 9 implies that just about everyone will love it, where as an 8 is more niche. If you enjoy the niche, then it may be a 9/10 to you. This brings up Warhawk again...that is one of my top 10 all time favorite games, even though some can't stand it.

FragGen3090d ago (Edited 3090d ago )

Like you, despite liking the game, I had expected a much lower meta-score for MAG. It's not a slam-dunk everyone-should-play-this-game affair with ultra production values that merits large numbers of 9+ ratings.

That said, I <3 MAG BIG TIME, personally, but, IMHO, there's going to be a mass exodus from this game when BFBC2 hits. I think that'll be a double-edged sword...

A LOT of those folks will be n00bs or people who were not willing to commit to a clan/squad, etc. So, if that leaves us with a little more seasoned/serious user base who are looking to squad up right, but whose overall numbers are above critical mass, then the overall MAG experience may get MUCH better, real quick.

BUT, if there are not enough hardcore players left... well, I play mostly around midnight and even I'm not into it enough to sit in a queue for 30 minutes to play an online game where there are not enough players.

Anyway we'll see how it plays out. Zipper has a history of supporting their titles, etc, and I think they have a lot of talent. So I'm still optimistic, overall... This game has been pretty special for me so far, so I hope it'll have a long shelf life!

Milky3090d ago

I didn't like the beta but the full game really is great fun. I recommend everyone to get it, you won't be dissapointed.

BWS19823089d ago

...and look who showed up. See, transparent. You're a joke, where did anybody claim it's God's FPS game or whatever you've dreamed up? No where. You're just too enraged to notice, as you lurch the site for places to dump your fecal posts on with red checks and sweaty palms, and it's killing you that people can like something on a system that keeps you up at night.

Here's an idea, why don't you try to play games as a general rule. Since many of us gamers also have 360's or even Wii's and love certain aspects of them, have our fav games on them, etc...then maybe we're the level headed ones (gamers) who hate only one thing: fanboyism like yours. Nobody will take your post as a legitimate opinion even, that should tell you something.

nycredude3089d ago

This is the most informative, unbiased, fair and accurate review of MAG so far. I agree with gamespot 100%. The game is a solid 8 and could be more if you are a counerstrike and socom fan.

3089d ago
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happy_gilmore3090d ago

i don't care about the reviews, anymore. if i like a game based on what i see, then i'll buy it. got duped with mass defect 2. that game got 10's but i only played it for 5 hours and got so bored (same thing with dragon's age, which will be traded in tomorrow).

dtrain213090d ago

Metacritic- 75

MAG- Major Flop

JeffGUNZ3090d ago

How are you bored by Mass Effect 2, are you playing the game with the volume on Mute? You're such a hypocrite it's hilarious. Reviews matter when UC2 and KZ2 do well, but when MAG gets 7.5-8.0 the reviews magically don't matter? The reviews for MAG are good, 7-8 is a good review. You haven't played Mass Effect 2, just because you try and say you did play it, doesn't give you any credibility when you're an obvious fanboy. Mass Effect 2 is probably the best single player experience I have played this generation and possibly, best single player game I have played ever.

showtimefolks3090d ago

i think when its all set and done we will see this game get 8/10 overall rating combined

this game is a love/hate thing ign might have had bad experience 7/10 nothing wrong its their experience

online experience can be different for everyone who play

best way to play is JOIN OR MAKE A CLAN than this is a must have

this game will be great in the long run zipper's will update everything in this game over the next few months to make this a better experience

zippers's and sony should be given credit atleast 256 players online lag free so stop hating show some respect we all want something new so now here is something new

hanzai3090d ago (Edited 3090d ago )

and 360 fangirls are nowhere to be found.

but wait! i see dtrain21 and his little skirt giving disagrees with his multiple accounts!

JeffGUNZ3090d ago

It's probably because 360 "fanboys" are not as common in PS3 related articles as PS3 fanboys are in 360 sections. Either way, game looks fun and excited to try it out.

showtimefolks3090d ago (Edited 3090d ago )

256 players
best graphics
lag free
single player story
better texture
better player models

i mean 256 and lag free should be good enough but we still get good looking game

gameplay is important graphics come 2nd

but the way people talk about tthis game graphics 1st gameplay 2nd how many console shooter have gone over 100 players?

atleast we are looking at huge online battles in the upcoming game

thanks you zippers and sony take a risk and this game will have latge community given some time right now it has a very strong community and its only gonna get better

DJ3090d ago

Over the coming months. Though it's obvious that even the PS3 isn't powerful enough to meet the demands of this FPS Concept. MAG's future installment on the PS4 will probably blow people's minds. But that's at least 6 years away.

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