An Invitation to See Robbie Bach, President of Entertainment & Devices


"15 lucky members of Australia's OXCGN will have a chance of attending a lecture conducted by Robbie Bach, President of Entertainment & Devices for Microsoft World wide.

Mr Bach will be in Sydney for a lecture at The University Of Sydney's New Law School Auditorium on February 9th at 6.30pm."

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BadCircuit3118d ago

I would have loved to go but I don't live in Sydney...

Belgavion3118d ago

Would be there with bells on if I wasn't in Melbourne!

XboxOZ3603118d ago (Edited 3118d ago )

Actually, we've been given some MORE tickets late last night, so if any friends want to come, get them to email us asap. If you travel to Sydney, there's plenty of cheaper places to stay, back-packers, and some of the OXCGN team have offered to host some ppl if they need a place to nest.

Or, if you have friends in Sydney, then send them the info, get them to contact us, and we can let them have a ticket . . . so share the info around your networks guys, the more the merrier as they say.

gaminoz3117d ago

Hopefully we out of towners will get a report from OXCGN about what he thinks about the future of gaming...