Spawnio Review: New Super Mario Bros.

Spawnio writes: "They could come out with a game where all Mario does is watch Bowser do his community service painting Princess Peach's castle and you would have a hit on your hands. At first, I admit that I was kind of skeptical about the idea of another 2D Mario brother's game but let me just say, this game is amazing. It is very Super Mario 3-esque and is surprisingly difficult too. I know I am rambling at this point but let's break down the game!"

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Allowen2944d ago

I have this game and I got to say it is one of the worst coop games I have ever played !

I don't have a single friend that liked the coop on this new Mario game.
Not sure how this Mario Wii got so many high reviews ....

juniordee2944d ago (Edited 2944d ago )

It got high reviews because the single-player aspect of the game is amazing. It's refreshing, based off a tried and true formula, and is nostalgic to most gamers of this generation. Games don't have to have state of the art 3d graphics with complex shadows and physics to get high reviews / be a fun game, and Nintendo showed us how (apparently by using an old, long forgotten formula).

Smacktard2944d ago

The co-op aspect of the game is my favorite! I don't have a single person I've played it with that dislikes it. You guys must be bad.