Spawn Kill Kill Kast 06: Collector's Editions

Tigresa of SK writes: We're serving up Episode 06, the Kill Kast Collector's Edition. And you didn't even have to pre-order! This week you'll be joining Tigresa (Stephanie) alongside a gaggle of tavern he-wenches K-Tuck (Kevin), Snarkasaur (Dave), and The Herp (aka Eric aka Sports). We dish a little on what we've been playing (recorded Thursday, 1/28) and our varied opinion on what's really "collectable" in Collector's Editions of several upcoming and past games, and what's just there to trick you into doling out an addition $10-$40 for unrecycled plastic.

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ihaten4glol3034d ago

Wish I could have sat in on this!

rrquinta3034d ago

I have to say, so far I've only bought one collector's edition, and that was Demon's Souls, because it had the guide with it.

Snarkasaur3034d ago

That Eric dude talks too much.