Rumour: Firmware 3.50 to unlock 266mhz limit

According to an insider there is another firmware upgrade for the PSP in the works which could have some interesting results. One important feature that's apparently been unlisted is that this latest fw release will finally allow commercial games to run at the PSP's full 333mhz CPU speed.

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brianodom4197d ago doing it with Custom Firmware

Snake_Doctor4197d ago

Are the load times (considerably) better?

cuco334197d ago

i was about to say the same thing

gta_cb4196d ago

yeh man me 2 lol,

the speeds are noticable.

LeonSKennedy4Life4197d ago


The same Brian Odom from my P.E. class???

BIadestarX4197d ago (Edited 4197d ago )

3 words, "another firmware upgrade".
Bill You Calling is working! I went from 6 bubbles to 3 in less than 1 hours. Let's see if I hit one! Come on Sony fanboys you can do it! You have being commanded by your leader don't let him down!

@neogeo, I will do the same for you. This is why the bubble system is in place. To block the people that have a different opinion than the one you have... not to block spamers and idiots like Bill.

Bill Gates4197d ago

I bet you have a SONY voodoo doll that you poke every night before crawling back into your hole...hahaha

I say, EVERYONE who can't stand bladeturd, give him NEGATIVE feed back all the time to shut him up a bit...HAHAHA I know it's very childish of me, but fuk it I think it's funny too.

BIadestarX4197d ago (Edited 4197d ago )

First of all I love my PSP and though I have both(see picture) the DS and the PSP I prefer the PSP any day of the week. So your accusation of hating the PSP or Sony are baseless. Why would I have a PSP if I hate Sony so much? It's true that we are getting a new firmware too often... All I am saying is Sony should probably acumulate lots update into a single patch or update instead releasing one everytime they change something (i.e. fonts or stuff that users may not even notice).

Ofcouse you want me to have one bubble just like yourself.... it must be lonely in single bubble land. Trust me... Sony fanboys already give enough negative feedback...

It's obvious that nothing can be said, even contructive critisism without pissing Sony fanboys off.

anh_duong4197d ago (Edited 4197d ago )

bladestar, the new updates will mean that 333mhz is 100% officially supported. this means that games will run faster (up to 50% faster). it is isn't such a bad thing for those who have a psp. it is like intel coming out and saying you can all overclock your processors 50% without affecting the warranty. it also means that future games publishers (if they haven't done so alread) can officially code for games that will push the psp even harder. i don't want to start a war but even you can see that this update is good.

ps: of all the consoles (megadrive, ps1, saturn, dreamcast, gamegear, gb, gba, ds, ps2, xbox and ps3) i have ever owned i like my psp the most . those who have never played a psp are really missing out on something.

BIadestarX4197d ago (Edited 4197d ago )

Oh anh_duong.... I never undermined the usefullness or significance of this firmware update. As matter of fact I love it. I only quoted 3 words form the article and Sony fanboys jump in to crazy angry midget mode (see picture).

anh_duong4197d ago (Edited 4197d ago )

true you never said you don't like it but i was merely trying to point out what this means to people who don't know what it means. i was never rude to you nor did i jump at you. for people who own non-flashed psp this is not just any other firmware update. this update is fairly awesome from a gaming perspective - present or future.

current games will run faster and future games will have higher specs.

btw: this bubble system sucks since people should be always allowed 3 bubbles minimum

dantesparda4196d ago

Bladestar, dont talk about the Sony fanboys taking away your bubbles. When all the 360 fanboys on this site are always taking away the Sony fanboys bubbles. So dont run that sh!t! you fake fvck! And you wanna talk about them having a leader. Sh!t, like the 360 fanboys on this site dont have their leaders. Please, give me a break with your "victim" sh!t

CyberSentinel4196d ago

"It's obvious that nothing can be said, even contructive criticism without pissing Sony fanboys off."

I give you and many others a bubble everytime I can Bladestar, Unfortunately, I don't have the time/desire to make multiple accounts like some of these "Sony Protection Groupies" on this website.

@3.2 Bladstar: Bubble for you sir.

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FordGTGuy4197d ago (Edited 4197d ago )

My question to Sony would be if theres an option to not do this because of the added heat it will create.

I would also like to know how this might affect the PSP's battery life.

Well no one wants to play hot potato with their PSP :P. lol

Another good question would be how this will affect video and music playback?

LeonSKennedy4Life4197d ago

I guess that would be bad...if the PS3 sucked at cooling.'s really good at that sort of thing. You know...the sort of thing a well-put-together console does.

Premonition4197d ago

At 222mhz I havent felt any heat coming from the PSP unless you lay it on a surface like carpet, then it starts to build, but while in hands theres really no heat, so I dont see any reason why it would be an issue at 333mhz, and as for battery life there are batteries already out that expand the PSP's play time.

gaffyh4197d ago

Load times are sometimes better, but it drains the battery quicker and sometimes you can get graphical glitches if you try and do this on a game that was meant to stay at 266Mhz

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