Are Drake And Shepard Brothers?

Ironstarmovement writes: "In this generation of gaming there are many great games that fall under the radar due to the household franchises they compete with. As popular as Xbox 360 may be..."

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ActionBastard3035d ago

No. However, they will be roommates.

GiantEnemyCrab3035d ago

Shepard would never get a place with him.. Nate has no job and could never afford rent.. Needs to pawn some of them trinkets!

LordMarius3035d ago

Drake getting all the hotties
while Shepard gets all the freaks.....

I think Drake would move out quickly

MajesticBeast3035d ago (Edited 3035d ago )

Tali is a hot freak for sure. But drake wins for tapping chloes ass.

Foxgod3035d ago

Shepard owns a spaceship, he doesnt need to pay rent.
Hes also funded by a billionaire.

And the woman on those ship are anything but freaks, aliens do exist you know, and big chance some of them are way hotter and more perfect then us disgusting humans (watches outside and sees all the fatasses walking around).

TenSteps3035d ago

Chloe > Jack
Elena > Miranda
Tali > Rika

TheBand1t3035d ago

Y'know, I'd much rather go after a human female.

If you're tapping an alien, they might shoot molecular acid when they 'arrive.'

Foxgod3035d ago

If none of the parent shoot molecular acid, then neither will a hybrid.

So just dont date any females who do that.
Humans leave feces, sweat, hair and skin all over the place tho, equally disgusting.

King-Nax3035d ago

Are you all seriously having this conversation? O_0

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unknownhero11233035d ago

drake is shepard's..........SON!

oh, what a twist!

Troll_Police3035d ago

One of them have enough GOTY rings to wear 2 on each finger while the other one have none.

Xi3035d ago

I'm a little confused.

elpresador3035d ago

....of course ME2 has not won do realize that it is only February right? We still have just over 10 months to go before GOTY winners are announced, U2 came out in october and had lilttle time to wait were as ME2 will have to wait almost 11 months,

That would be like calling out MAG for not winning best shooter yet MW2 has....oh wait......MAG wouldnt anyway cause it is crap, but that is getting off topic.

Gotta love to hate fantards.

shopsmartash3035d ago

The TOTY, Troll Of The Year award...congrats! You win buddy!

chrisulloa3035d ago

People actually like Shepherd enough to buy his game.

ZombieRollz3035d ago

Nathan Drake bangs two chicks in his game, who does Shepherd bang in his?

That's what I thought.

baum3035d ago

Who the f*** is "Shepherd" anyway?

JasonPC360PS3Wii3035d ago (Edited 3035d ago )

"Shepherd" bangs every chic on his ship making it 5 and even a Krogan chic wants his junk.

Foliage3035d ago

Sheperd must be his father, because he looks like he is behind by at least a generation visually. Sheperd also can't keep up with Nathan.

Let's not compare some crummy average Shooter with RPG elements (ME2), to the greatest game of this generation (U2).

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