X360: Mass Effect 2 Review

X360A writes: "Not many games out there see their main character die within the first five minutes. Such is Shepard's fate when the Normandy gets ambushed in deep space at the beginning of Mass Effect 2. As the Collector's energy weapon chews through the ship, Shepard does everything he (or she) can to save the crew, but gets blown out to space in the process. Two years and four billion credits later, the Cerberus organization - a pro human splinter group - succeeds in bringing Shepard back from the dead. For Shepard and the players themselves, working for Cerberus requires a philosophical shift. The war against the Reapers is far more personal now. With old allies scattered across the galaxy and little help coming from the Alliance, Mass Effect 2 creates an atmosphere where players are on their own, with the fate of the galaxy hinging upon their decisions much more so than in the first game."

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