AusGamers Exclusive Metro 2033 Hands-On Preview, Trailer and Screens

AusGamers has an exclusive new trailer, new screens and a hands-on preview up for THQ and 4A Games' forthcoming Metro 2033.

From the preview:

"Metro 2033 came out of nowhere like its foundational nuclear fallout. Unlike that destruction, however, Metro 2033 presents a palatable and tangible post-fallout experience with supernatural trimmings and just a little bit of horror, as if the idea of living through a nuclear war wasn't scary enough..."

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N4PS3G3235d ago

"as far as story-telling goes, Metro 2033 is absolutely brilliant, and I've only dipped my time into a very small portion of it.

With all of this in place, 4A Games' first foray into stand-alone development is shaping up to be a critical hit."

They seem to love the game and so does IGN UK..this might be 2010 sleeper hit..i'm starting to get hyped with caution obviously ;)