Confirmation of Kasumi DLC?

BlobDude writes: "As Ryco poster earlier, there's a rumor that the next, or one of the next, DLC options for Mass Effect 2 will be a new squadmate. Well, while finishing up some loose ends on Ilium in-game today, I stumbled upon further proof that, at the very least, this character exists."

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BeaArthur3177d ago

ME2 has enough squad mates. Add more missions, not more characters.

Christopher3177d ago (Edited 3177d ago )

Exactly. We already got our +1 squad mate with Zaeed, who doesn't add much to the group dynamic as it is considering the only in-depth interaction you have with him is on his one quest that an be done in 20 minutes.

Give us more missions: how about actually taking down the Blue Suns? Overthrowing Aria? Finishing a quest concerning the Shadow Broker?

Oh, and how about more weapons? Especially for biotic heavies who never got the chance to pick up a new weapon knowledge on the collector ship (Vanguard and Infiltrator both get that option). But, in general, how about more than just two heavy pistols?

There's a ton better DLC out there than overcrowding our NPC list and again thinning out the storyline rather than progressing one of your current team mate's storylines. Which is my #1 gripe with ME2 in general, everything is so spread out, it's hard for you to feel attached to the new guys. I've played the majority of my two plays through the game with persons from the first game in my party just because I feel like I'm closer to them.

Disccordia3177d ago

I'd prefer more missions too. I haven't finished it yet, but to me, the game feels like it's just one big mission with some tacked on side stuff where you unimaginatively and conveniently have to deal with all your squadmates bloody family issues. It's still amazing but I think the story doesn't advance as much as I was hoping

LONEWOLF2313177d ago (Edited 3177d ago )

WEll i dont think this is a bad thing since every character has his or her mission. Just hopefully her/his mission is longer than the rest of the aquadmates. But yeah more mission DLC's are needed.

ichimaru3176d ago

^ haha me too i thought they meant Kisame from Naruto haha

chrisius3175d ago

I thought they meant Kasumi from DOA...