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On the surface, White Knight Chronicles does a lot of things right. The world and creatures look really good, you can battle a variety of colossal creatures during the single-player campaign or online with some friends, and turn into a giant knight whenever you desire. But there are just too many problems weighing the overall experience down.

Shallow combat and a predictable story make going through the main quest a slog, and the online portion is crippled by the same problems as well as dull objectives that lack variety. The beauty of White Knight Chronicles cannot hide the flaws of this forgettable and often tedious adventure.

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LordMarius3235d ago (Edited 3235d ago )

Bad news for JRPG fans

but WKC2 is in the works so this criticism can only make that one better

LittleBigSackBoy3235d ago

Not really...JRPGs haven't gotten amazing scores in along time. But doesn't mean it's not a good game. Did they complain about the story in WKC? Cos Demon's souls doesn't even have 1, and no one complained...WKC is the best JRPG this gen, by far. And i didn't even understand it because it was in Japanese.

Homicide3235d ago

Demon's Souls isn't like your traditional JRPG. I think that's why it got amazing scores; it tried something new.

Persona 4, Devil Survivor, Valkyria Chronicles (not sure if you count this as a JRPG), Mario & Luigi: Bowsers Inside Story, The World Ends With You and others have gotten great reviews.

shocky163235d ago

This was on lists.

First MAG, now this. I guess Heavy Rain could be next.

Dutch Boogie3235d ago (Edited 3235d ago )

Ooh that's a big blow to level 5. WKC seems to be getting mixed reviews so far. This is the lowest score i think. Anyway, judging from Gamespots review history, i'd say most of the people there are more of FPS fans and prefer westernized gaming.

I will have too wait for more reviews to make up my mind.

Edit: @ Shocky

GTFO! you are a known troll. What does MAG or Heavy Rain have to do with this article.

-Alpha3235d ago

Heavy Rain Reviews have been AA+ so far.

I am very disappointed with the score both as a Level 5 fan and an RPG enthusiast.

Wonder how they would have done with Dark Cloud 3 instead.

Oh well, I still have faith in them, hopefully WKC2 can be better.

camachoreloaded88063235d ago

Have fun with your towns, guys!

presto7173235d ago

I told my friend about this game and when he looked it up, he said it sucks. We argued. I think he might have won.

Rush3235d ago (Edited 3235d ago )

Not that I give a crap about gamespots opinion, But unless I start to see some more 8's from the bigger review sites I may reconsider buying this game.

Don't get me wrong am not expecting 9s and 10s I new this game wasn't going to be a massive hit from the start. But 6's that's a little worrying.

If IGN give it a 7+ and a positive review I guess I will pick it up. As I would like to play it with my friend's but not if the game ain't at least decent to being with.

And don't tell me to only listen to my own review because I wish I could but I don't have unlimited moneys :/

Dannagar3235d ago (Edited 3235d ago )

OUCH!! It's true that JRPG's haven't scored well this generation. However, the Japanese have done little to evolve the genre.

Bnet3433235d ago

I was actually hyped for this game. Did not see this coming.

Saaking3235d ago (Edited 3235d ago )

Ouch, I'm still gonna check it out though.

Still, I've agreed with most of Gamespot's reviews lately and they even gave Demon's Soul GOTY. I'll just wait and see.

baum3235d ago

That sucks. Such a long wait for nothing. Still, after the Gerstmanngate fiasco, you can't be sure what to expect from Gamespot.

sikbeta3235d ago

"Shallow combat and a predictable story"

What this guy was reviewing, MW2? lol


Pal, buy a PS3 First and then start talking about the Games on it, cuz if you'll never going to buy and play it, what you're doing just not making any sense, there is more in life than Trolling on articles about the Console you HATE for NO reasons

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GreenRingOfLife3235d ago

bummer this stinks I really wanted to play this game on my PlayStation 3

jwatt3235d ago

Even though MAG and WKC haven't had the best of reviews, the ps3 is starting to really pick up!

hetz153235d ago

I know this game won't get a good score like 9/10 in the West(but I didn't expect a 6/10), but I will still get it since I'm a big JRPG fan. I remembered Cross Edge got 4 from IGN and shabby scores from other sites, although the game it's great (8/10 according to me).

ReservoirDog3163235d ago

I think I'll skip this. It never really clicked with me but if WKC 2 comes out and gets better reviews, I'll probably go back and buy this at a reduced price.

I'm also thinking of maybe skipping FFXIII too. I think if I want an rpg, I think I'll just buy FFVIII on the ps store. But I still need to finish my whole backlog of games so whatever.

Let's hope WKC 2 fixes all the flaws and turns out great.

3235d ago
-Alpha3235d ago

Well MW2 doesn't really have "combat", and I didn't find MW2's story predictable... it was just completely stupid, and full of ridiculous holes.

jack_burt0n3235d ago

yeah but gamespot =

eternal sonata 8.5
lost odyssey 7.5

not in my book, user reviews for jrpg opinion.

Baka-akaB3235d ago (Edited 3235d ago )

Bad news for jrpg fans ?
I wonder how many are actual jrpg fans in this thread ... cause if they are they shouldnt be surprised or care about such reviews scores .

How often arent jrpg jrpgs taxed of being generic in their plot and other crap ?

How often arent they mostly ranked as a decent 7-8 game at most ?

Answer is and almost always have been the same , all the time within the western press .... unless your name is final fantasy or another juggernaut .

Seriously if you really care , i doubt you play that many jrpg , cause most of them are usually underrated and dismissed .

I shouldnt be amazed even though expecting it , but dear lord the amount of sheeps around here , following reviews like a mindless herd ... it's astonishing .

Rush3235d ago (Edited 3235d ago )

Am gay

BYE3235d ago

This is definitely not the generation of jRPGs.

Baka-akaB3235d ago (Edited 3235d ago )

Not every jrpg fan is going to like the game , nor should , but everyone going "ouuuhhh" "aie" "ouch" , "it suckx" as if something else was supposed to happen is just ridiculous .

So please calm down instead .
You didnt make up your mind with just a review but a footage of the game . Wich have been around in both english and japanese for eons .

And you have access to quite a few big and small jrpg specialist . So let's not pretend that the jrpg nut would usually care for gspot's opinion , and certainly not on its own .

When we need info we know how to look for it and make up our mind , with hardly the alternative of 100% trusting the regular press .
Hell just look at how Cross edge got treated based on it's "outdated" 2d look alone . i dont like the game , but it deserved maybe better .

Rush3235d ago

Lol sorry about the post change just figured everyone wanted to disagree with my so I would use that to my advantage xD.

Yeah maybe I did jump the boat abit but calling people mindless sheer ain't nice. But its late am cranky whatever.

Baka-akaB3235d ago (Edited 3235d ago )

No prob . I am just calling it as i see it . A And i wasnt even aiming at you here , from what's i've seen elsewhere you do care about jrpgs .

But some people are obviously judging by the thread and a few others , and as expected , more rejoicing about an "exclusive's so called demise" or "bummed" about it , than actual potential customers . Look at how a game that isnt even relevant like Mag or Heavy rain is so quickly brought up as fuel for their war .

Most fans wouldnt be swayed by that review and have already judged if the game is worth it or not to them .

The only thing such review as usual prevents , would be some people to even try thinking by themselves and trying a game they might enjoy .
But thank the gods , rental is a bigger help and savior than reviews , in at least some places in the world .

Hell again look at cross edge , Gspot didnt even bother reviewing it , even to dismiss it as crap .
But they sure didnt waste time with stuff like tony hawk ride (at least to their displeasure)

Homicide3235d ago (Edited 3235d ago )

"How often arent jrpg jrpgs taxed of being generic in their plot and other crap ?"

Because they are? I'm a big JRPG fan, but I have to admit at lot of JRPGs' plot have been done to death.

Lost Odyssey - main character has amnesia. Haven't seen that before /s.

Cross Edge - Waking up in an unknown world. Has been done since Ys II.

WKC - Rescue the princess story. Sound familiar?

I've been playing JRPGs for years, but there comes a time where I'm just sick of seeing the same ole thing. I'm not saying those games are bad (I enjoyed LO), but give me something fresh and deliver it in an interesting way.

That's why I loved Persona 4 and Folklore (not sure if you'll call it a JRPG). How many times have we've seen a murder mystery story in a JRPG? Hell, I like the SMT series because the stories are fresh, mature and interesting.

According to GameSpot, WKC's story is incredibly cliche and told in an uninteresting way. I normally agree with their JRPG reviews.

GameSpot recent JRPG reviews that aren't FF:

Devil Survivor - 9.0 (GS loved the story and way it was told; so did I)

Persona 4 - 9.0 (liked the story)

Valkyria Chronicles - 8.5 (liked its uniqueness)

Demon's Souls - 9.0 (liked its uniqueness; they even gave it GOTY)

The World Ends With You - 9.0 (liked the story)

Knights in the Nightmare - 8.0 (liked the story)

Persona 3 - 8.5 (liked the story)

mikeslemonade3235d ago

The mileage may vary a lot for these JRPGs. I've liked RPGs that scored low but didn't like rpgs that scored high. One person might hate the story but another person might like the story. If this was on xbox 360 it would have gotten a 9, but PS3 games have a higher standard.

Baka-akaB3235d ago (Edited 3235d ago )


like i've said a few times and below ...

When you set your mind like that you can make "witty" one line summary for every game's plot ... and add a little "been there done that" .

That's far too easy ... yet mostly done with only a few genre of games .

There are even charts like that lying down for every bioware stuff , and they are true , as are all of them . Should we start then calling it generic just because ? no that would be silly .

What ultimately matters is how you tell the tales , with most things "already been there done that" .

As for your list , well arent most of them popular/high profiled franchises ? When shin megami tensei was really obscure and not yet a big us seller , alot of the press didnt care aside from a few fans of the genre .
Not to mention that i did mention a few bright spots , but nevermind .

Marceles3235d ago

" well as dull objectives that lack variety"

There goes the V word again...

bigjclassic3235d ago (Edited 3235d ago )

*goes back to playing DQIX*

Homicide3235d ago (Edited 3235d ago )

Well SMT has gotten popular as of late thanks to the Persona games. GameSpot has always seem to like the SMT series though. As for the others listed, they're new IPs.

masterofpwnage3235d ago

i never trusted reviews.
i played the tales game for the wii and i loved it. i rate it a 9, but alot of reviewers rated it a 6-7.

breakdown for the original xbox. that game was also really fun. i give it a 8, but i think gamespot gave it a 7.

bro gamestop is way to picky. they were picking on wkc town creations. shiit ff13 doesnt even have a town.
and was up with them complaning about the maps. Its better then ff13 lineir map.

if your jrpg fan buy this game and support level 5.
not lazy ass square, who said it was to much work to put in towns wth.

tplarkin73235d ago

If anyone wants to play the best JRPG this gen, Lost Odyssey is it. Mistwalker picked up where Square Enix left off.

I fully expect FFXIII to be a bigger letdown than we expect, since Square Enix has given up caring about their games.

SniperJDC3235d ago

Well that sucks I was looking forward to getting this game...maybe I'll wait until ign releases their review

Immortal Kaim3235d ago

If I've learnt one thing during my many years playing JRPG's, is that they are VERY personal experiences. I have loved many JRPG's that critics have slammed. I personally hold Lost Odyssey up as amongst my favourite JRPG's ever, not many will feel the same, but that is the beauty and bane with the genre, they are divisive.

WKC doesn't come out until the 25th of Feb in PAL regions, but once I have finished FFXIII, I'm definitely going to pick this up and give it a try for myself, I suggest any JRPG lovers should do the same. :)

Danja3235d ago

For everyone who is letting a review decide whether or not they should get this game , hear what .. The game is good , JRPG's aren't getting good scores in the west because its not like .. Elders Scrolls or a Fallout ... And we all know how close minded journalism is in the west this generation ...

Atleast rent the games ...and make up your own mind ... You guys complain about how there's no RPG on the PS3 you guys finally get a good game and because it doesn't score 8,9 or 10's one is gonna buy it ???

If no one buy these game then you can just say goodbye to getting RPG's from japanese devs

fear883235d ago (Edited 3235d ago )

Gamespot Review Scores:

Magna Carta 2 X360 - 6.0/10
Star Ocean The Last Hope X360 - 7.5/10
Tales of Vesperia X360 - 8.5/10
Eternal Sonata PS3/X360 - 8.5/10
Enchanted Arms PS3/X360 - 7.1/10
Blue Dragon X360 - 6.0/10
Valkyria Chronicles PS3 - 8.5/10
Demons Soul PS3 - 9.0/10

This Gen has been completely hit or miss in terms of JRPGS.

I think if you are looking for these types of games, then home consoles may not be worth your time and a handheld may be a better choice.

FamilyGuy3235d ago

No wai! If that's true then I no longer need to worry about WKCs getting a 6/10 from these guys.

TheLog3235d ago

Played Star Ocean Last Hope a while ago and loved it. I always hear that Lost Odessy was great by people who has played it but never tried it. I guess I try it now while waiting for FF 13.

Perkel3235d ago

huh as i read it it's like FFXII but with more content and online with good graphic.

I wonder why they gave FFXII so better score if game is more than dull ... and Vann...uh worst character ever..

vhero3235d ago (Edited 3235d ago )

How can you dock a game for shallow and predictable story yet games like MW2 get stupidly high scores?? I know its a differn't genre but come on that's just a petty reason. The reviewer was looking for reasons to hate. Most of his reasons were basically "the game takes too long" . Like to get the best armour you gotta get lets of money to level your town or get to max level? What's wrong with that? I wouldn't expect anything less yet he docks the review for it. I think they got a guy who obviously doesn't like JRPGS to do this review.

@Perkel if WKC was called FF"insert number here" it would have got around a 9.5 FACT.

popup3235d ago

I am just glad the guy doing the video review didn't voice act in the game.

Redempteur3235d ago

gamespot review matters ??

seriously any jrpg fan who care for a gamespot review is a fool ..

callahan093235d ago (Edited 3235d ago )

Demon's Souls is way better than WKC. When Demon's Souls came out, I had been addicted to WKC but then as soon as I put Demon's Souls in my console it consumed my life and I haven't played WKC since. It's been approximately a year now since I played WKC because of that darned Demon's Souls taking over my life. But I still really liked WKC. I found the combat and the customization & combo setup to be really fun, and the online quests were fun for a while. This game is probably my favorite traditionally styled JRPG this generation, I'd recommend it for anybody that still likes this kind of game. This and Tales of Vesperia, and Lost Odyssey are right up there for me.

Don't let reviews deter you from this game. Most JRPG's have gotten mediocre reviews this generation. If you still like the genre, you'll like this game.

solidt123235d ago

Im not going to let a review decide whether or not I buy a game. If I wasn't playing Mass Effect 2 right now I would be buying this game. I will be buying this game this summer after I beat FFXIII and things are slow.

PinkUni3235d ago

how many idiots have comments like, wow this is surprising

like gamespot automatically knows how good a game is for every individual person

Christopher3235d ago

I'm surprised anyone is surprised about this considering the game didn't get that good of reviews in Japan when it was released.

Disccordia3235d ago

Even the Japanese didn't like this game. Famitsu gave it something like 27/40 so nobody should be surprised. This is obviously just not a good game and the only reason why anyone is caring is because it's exclusive to a console.

ThanatosDMC3235d ago (Edited 3235d ago )

Just go to youtube and check out all the gameplay vids and "boss" fights. I would have to agree with this review. Why is Demon's Souls being brought up? Demon's Souls looks spectacular at first glance.

I'm not a big fan of MMO like gameplay. Also, just because this is a PS3 exclusive doesnt mean it's good. I would say FF12 is actually better than this in terms of gameplay. Looks like i'll get Star Oceans 4 or Tales of Vesperia a week or two from now for my JRPG needs.

^ Yeah, the voice acting in Japanese even sucks apparently not just gameplay.

otherZinc3235d ago

Exactly: 1st MAG sucked
now WKC sucks
next Heavy Rain is going to suck.

3 strikes & your out, SONY exclusives are critically acclaimed because reviewers are afraid to tell the truth. But these 1st 3 games are going to do nothing for consumers.

The Happy Baby3235d ago

He tried to convince me that this would be a 10/10. I dont doubt that RPG fans will still eat it up, but it aint no 10/10.

*sits and waits for FF13*

Darkstorn3235d ago

I'll admit that White Knight Chronicles and MAG have gotten lukewarm reviews, but from the Heavy Rain reviews that have leaked so far, it's going to be an amazing game. I'm sure it will get it's due.

Nevers3235d ago

Yikes... I didn't expect such a low score. I was pretty excited for WKC until I saw a gameplay trailer off PSN a few weeks ago and it disappointed me a bit. I wasn't expecting such a low score tho. We'll see how the average goes tho.

raztad3235d ago

Some of you guys are real sucker for reviews. Dont take them as a gossip. This is just somebody opinion. BTW I wouldnt consider Gamespot very reliable on reviewing JRPGs. Wait for more specialized sites like RPGfan and some others.

nycredude3235d ago

Who cares. I've been waiting for this and I just picked it up.

By the comments from alot of you guys in all these Ps3 review threads, imo you guys are placing way too much emphasis on reviews. If you keep the way you are going you will end up buying pretty much 5 games all year max. Games don't have to be 9.4 to be playable. some of the best games ever didn't get 9s. It seems people forgot what we game for. 7-8 used to be good enough but now if it's not a 9 and above it's a fail? Give me a break. I seriouly hav to question if you guys even play games, what with everything being about sales and review scores.

If this doesn't apply to you don't take offense. Those who this applies to knows who you are.

Stop the idiocy and hating and lets get back to gaming. Peace!

JANF3234d ago

I thought this game was supposed to be a AAA tittle, at least that's what i heard from the PS3 enthusiast. I guess this game will join MAg and HR in the flop list.

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Namikaze_Minato3235d ago

Hahahaha where are the droids now?

Even THE LAST REMNANT scored higher! Hahahahaha!

PS3 it only does flops!

Bodyboarder_VGamer3235d ago (Edited 3235d ago )

Yeah, tell that to Uncharted 2, the GOTY 2009!

But this is just the appetizer anyway there's still more games to come out like GOW3, The Last Guardian, Gran Turismo 5, Heavy Rain, DC Universe Online, etc.

Michael-Jackson3235d ago (Edited 3235d ago )

No, not only flops, it also does GOTY - 2 times in a row from Gamespot.

blitz06233235d ago

So the game is too easy and GameSpot gives it a 6/10. I think GameSpot has played Demon's Souls too many times. Hint hint it gave Demon's Souls GotY

Liquid Ocelot3235d ago

PS3 the most powerful only does

Bayonetta (PS3) - FLOP / X360 version - AAA



Heavy Rain - QTE - press (FLOP) Forward, Left, O button, Pause. Great you had just made a sandwich.

There is a reason Sony moved GT5 back to yet another unknown date. There is not enough room in the first half to fit another FLOP. They are saving it for the Fall.

36T3235d ago (Edited 3235d ago )

So much for all those AAA games the fanboys were talking about.

WKC = major flop like expected
Heavy Rain = The Sims ripoff & confirmed flop
MAG = LMAO! fliiizop!

So much trash talking by PS fanboys before the games release and then they're forced to eat crow like usual. Priceless.

@ Liquid Ocelot

"There is a reason Sony moved GT5 back to yet another unknown date. There is not enough room in the first half to fit another FLOP. They are saving it for the Fall"


Stryfeno23235d ago

This New Year is not looking to be a happy one for the droids.

Erotic Sheep3235d ago


Kindly explain to me how Heavy Rain is a Sims rip-off...

Gue13234d ago (Edited 3234d ago )

All these people are playing WKC right now and all of them say that the game's one of the best jrpg this gen:

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silkrevolver3235d ago

... I was looking forward to this... but I don’t know, maybe I’ll just hold out for Heavy rain until FFXIII. But still, gonna wait for more reviews.

-Alpha3235d ago (Edited 3235d ago )

But I wasn't too appealed with the premises of WKC, especially when Dark Cloud was under Level 5's belt. I mean a kid that turns into a knight... eh, it sounded OK. Level 5 has done so much better-- the Dark Cloud series (#2 at least) was about time travel, a story about a kid mysteriously writing to his mother who was revealed to be from the future. Anyways, I know WKC is a new direction, but it's not Level 5's best.

Better luck for WKC2 I guess. Hopefully they can resume with Dark Cloud after WKC 2