Overdoing It: Boobies

It's safe to say that, despite the burgeoning number of females in the gaming market, there are still enough guys around to warrant a bit of sexy time in video games. Men thrive off sexually-driven material, let's be honest, and when coupled with the interactive nature of games, it can get ridiculously easy for developers to pop out the odd tit or two in order to increase sales.

But when does eye candy turn into mere exploitation for profit?

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xLordOblivionx3157d ago

I'm calling it now, 860 degrees, 0 conversations not about boobs.

Rush3157d ago

Tekken 6 boobies ftw!

Wizeguy213157d ago

I have never seen the words Overdoing and boobies in the same sentence.. WTF!!

IdleLeeSiuLung3157d ago

I didn't read the article, all I saw was the boobies in the picture!!!

Sarcasm3157d ago

Come on... I don't mind boobs in my games. What do these people want? Penises???

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TheGameLlama3157d ago

If only boobs could get as overdone in my real life as they are in my Xbox... oh well. :(

SkankinGarbage3157d ago

Concerning Bayonetta's costume, I would argue that extremely skintight leather, all the sexually suggestive things she does, and the overly exaggerated way in which she walks makes her perhaps one of the most oversexed girls I've ever seen in a game. I guess it's not specifically the breasts though, so I suppose my point is moot.

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The story is too old to be commented.