Collectors Scramble for Metroid Prime Trilogy

Nintendo recently cancelled their atypical Collector's edition, Metroid Prime Trilogy, which is comprised of all three Metroid Prime games, with the first two reconfigured for Wii resolution and Wii remote controls. It has been reported that this edition sold just less than 500,000 copies. But with fewer and fewer retail outlets having the game available, the quality of the collectors edition in steel case, and 3 high quality games on one disk, the frenzy to own Metroid Prime Trilogy has truly begun.

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TruthbeTold3030d ago

But very good. The original retail price for the trilogy was a steal.

ReservoirDog3163030d ago

I put a hold on all game buying for the next few months but I had to buy this. Got it for $60 on ebay.

$20 is a steal.

TheBand1t3030d ago

Got mine early January. VERY good purchase.

helrazor3433030d ago

As Truth... said, even at it's initial $40 price when it came out, the games were a steal. Although, I guess for some it may have been a case of, just couldn't get to it in time, and now it's too late, as prices are starting to sky-rocket (I feel the same way about Ico, where I should've picked it up while it was cheap).

Neo Nugget3030d ago

It was $50 when it came out, but whatever. :P

I'm very satisfied with the games. I've already played the trilogy individually, but the special edition makes the whole experience....more...special I guess.

The steelbook case was VERY well made in my opinion.

asdr3wsfas3030d ago (Edited 3030d ago )

widescreen + wiimote aiming makes it a sick deal. I'd never played any metroid prime and this game has dominated my single player time. I've played about 40 hours and I'm still not through MP2. Then I have hypermode and 100% scans. You don't need nostalga goggles to realize this is a better game than most (if not all) released this gen.

I wish I had gotten the poster or tshirt, but the sweet metal case makes up for a lot of that.

The local game store sold the used and new copy within 2 or 3 days of this announcement. Buy it now before it turns into electroplankton and you shudder at the price.

EvilTwin3029d ago

How on Earth did bob get a disagree on this one?

I don't think it's controversial to say the Prime games really do hold up well today; I think it's safe to say they're better than a lot of other releases from this gen. Maybe it's because I'm a total fanboy for Retro, but I think they truly nailed a very difficult task (not only moving a beloved franchise to 3D, but changing it to a first-person perspective). The Trilogy collector's edition finally perfects the package with the Wii controls, too.

Damnit, this thread has made me wanna go back and play it again. I gotta beat NMH2 and prestige in COD:MWR, then RS2 and Tri come out...gah!

asdr3wsfas3029d ago

If they hate then let 'em hate and watch the money pile up!

Once I get to MP3 you better be ready to trade some friend vouchers. I want my bobblehead.

EvilTwin3029d ago

I've got to go through and play Corruption. Since I'd already beaten it on Wii, it wasn't a real priority for me. Definitely gotta remedy that...and get it out of the way by summer. I don't want to overdose on Metroid before Other M drops.

asdr3wsfas3029d ago

I won't be on it for a while. I have 7 pages left due tomorrow. =( I'm thinking spring break at least.

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The story is too old to be commented.