GO!GamingGiant: Assassin's Creed II: The Battle of Forlì Review

Go!GamingGiant writes: "As much as I loved Assassin's Creed II, its first offering of DLC left me feeling surprisingly disappointed. While I certainly wasn't expecting the new Sequence to go above and beyond the main game's experience, I was at least expecting a certain level of quality and quite frankly, I feel that I deserved a lot more for my money. Don't get me wrong, I was thrilled to revisit my personal favorite game of 2009, but it felt more like a quick chat than an actual visit, and it left me with a rather bittersweet feeling."

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Murgatroyd72846d ago

It's really unfortunate that this ended up being so short. It makes me wonder why it took so long for them to release it...unless they were simply waiting for "the right time".

Mario Mergola2846d ago

This really is a shame. I too loved the game itself but it's too bad the DLC was a disappointment.

Ramin1232846d ago

It's a good job it's so cheap...but I have got rid of AC2 anyway. I think I will keep my fond memories of Florence and so forth lol

thegreatest78842846d ago

Loved the game, but I hope Ubisoft doesnt keep putting out the crappy DLC.

RaymondM2846d ago

Ah cool cool. AC2 seemed fun enough, but I really dont want any half assed DLC from them.

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