Three new Splinter Cell Conviction Screens Released

onPause writes: "Ubisoft has released three new screenshots of the upcoming Splinter Cell: Conviction that releases sometime in April. These new images show one spy kicking butt in what looks to be a horde type mode."

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KionicWarlord2223214d ago (Edited 3214d ago )

Seems like the guy on the floor got owned .

RonyDean3213d ago

That guy wont be waking up anytime soon...

gamer20103213d ago

This game looks awesome.

heroprotagonist3213d ago

The graphics are shaping up nicely. It already looks amazing.

Rush3213d ago

The game goes for that clean and sharp look like most valve games.

And has strayed away from the dirty gritty look like Unreal 3 games like Gears 2 and UT3.

Its gained plenty of sharpness but sadly at the loss of a little texture. They have really pushed the bar graphically on a console game in terms of clean cut lines and general sharpness.

I would like to see a little more detailed texture though on the scenery. At least that's my general opinion on them 3 screen shots.

DelbertGrady3213d ago

Probably because it's from the multiplayer. Most games have to downgrade the multiplayer graphics a bit in order to avoid performance issues.

starchild3213d ago


Oh, I don't know, I think the textures look pretty damn good.

Compare screenshot A (from Conviction) to screenshot B (from GOW3) and tell me which game you think has better textures.


It looks to me that screenshot A has the edge in textures.

Rush3213d ago (Edited 3213d ago )

I think Splinter Cell.

Then again am not trying to but GOW3 down either I simply don't like that type of action game. Thus my opinion is most likely a little bias towards it.

Am not quite sure why you brought GOW3 into this though. Maybe you just though that would generally be a fair comparison which is fine I guess.

But if it was your attempt at some silly fanboy rebuttal I bet your feeling fairly stupid right about now.


@ Rush

you can correct me if i am wrong , but I am sure I heard this game was using a heavily modified Unreal2 engine, not the UN3 engine.


UN3 engine has a very particular look that is seen in most games using the engine hence your example with gears and UN3. this is why SC looks so different and prob why ubi didn't want to use unreal 3 and went with 2.

Rush3213d ago

Yeah your right I like that look reminds me of CS:Source which I have played on and off for 4 years.

But I still like the textures of the Unreal 3 Engine better though. That's just my opinion I guess.

Although seriously I can't be bothered getting back into are earlier discussion. So don't try pull me in because I don't actually dislike you.

Your a fairly cool guy and you have your own opinion and I respect that but I still think your wrong not gonna change. xD


@ Rush

lolololol, don't worry i wont' try going back into our other discussion.

Likewise I still disagree, but we can agree to disagree - and not bash each other but respect each others opinions.

I am at work now anyway so can only type quick replys. No long a$$ comments.

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gamer20103213d ago

PS3... the home of the sloppy seconds ports!

Splinter Cell Conviction will never be on the PS3 because the PS3 would run the game like crap. Ubisoft said that they built the engine around the 360's architecture.

dtrain213213d ago

If it did come to PS3.....It Only Does Bad Ports

JasonPC360PS3Wii3213d ago

PS3 home of MAG and White Knight and no games in 2010

Wrathman3213d ago

i dont buy games that often but splintercell will be bought.

old ps titles that wont be be bought by me....MGS and FF.

WHY?they died on the ps2 just like all japanese games.RIP.

Tesselation 3603213d ago

the crying droids wantin a microsoft exclusive on a sony platform lol uwweeeee uwweeeeeee.....give it a break.

PlayStation X3213d ago

this site is full of twats

3213d ago
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DelbertGrady3213d ago

The multiplayer will be awesome!

stonecold13213d ago

game the graphics are nowhere no metal gear 4 level the crapbox couldnt handle metal gear 4 unless they have to scale the graphics down then therewill be no towns thought hehehehe and running on 10 last gen dvds and thing would be takingh out of the game because the 360 just couldnt handle it

gamer20103213d ago

Dude, are you blind as a bat? This blows MGS4 out of the water.


Splinter Cell Conviction:

BX813213d ago

@gamer2010 LMAO! Some people are soo brainwashed that they believe what they want to. The proof is in the pics. Yes MGS4 had it's day but that day has come and gone, it's a new year and new better looking games are every where. Good scans.

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