Kevin Butler to star in PlayStation ads for rest of 2010

PS3 Joystiq - "Kevin Butler, you need not worry: Your job as Sony's VP of First Person Shooter Relations is in no threat of ending. Neither is your job as Chief Weaponologist, VP of Epic Footage, VP of Big Action Moments and -- our favorite -- Family Activities Director. In an interview with IGN, SCEA senior vice president Peter Dille talked about the company's new "It Only Does Everything" slogan and marketing campaign. "It's been tremendously successful. Consumers love it. It's great to hear people like you guys love it. And the results are really in the sales because it's really been flying since this coincided in September with the launch of the new PS3."

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PirateThom3234d ago

And hopefully to host E3 and then take over from Jack Tretton as head of SCEA...

WildArmed3234d ago

lol among other things..

like world domination >:)

Hope to see him many more years to come, not just '10

Somnipotent3234d ago

that would be great... would never happen... but man, it would bring a certain flair that other companies couldn't match... well, microsoft could hire fat luke wilson to counterpunch.

LordMarius3234d ago

the commercials are good but I hope they have something different come the fall.....they can still have Kevin Butler but with a different formula

PixlSheX3234d ago

Price check on aisle ;D

Lifendz3234d ago (Edited 3234d ago )

but the simple message of the ads are the best part. So many people didn't know what the PS3 could do. Finally Sony is communicating the functionality of it's console.

Next they need to do something with Home ala the MS game room. Get some sort of partnership with Sega and maybe Nintendo, Acclaim, Konami, etc. You get the old Xmen sidescroller in Home and I will wait in line to play it. Not to mention the old Avengers game, Dragon's Lair, TMNT (which has been on Live for a while now), and maybe the Arcade version of Shinobi.

I know that's aiming high but if Sony is really committed to HOme, and wants to do more than make bucks on virtual clothing, then get some content in there that gamers want. /rant

Mr Tretton3234d ago

"And hopefully to host E3 and then take over from Jack Tretton as head of SCEA"

Oh no you DIDN'T.

I am proud of my minion however.

SoapShoes3234d ago

Who the hell do you think got these ads going? Also Kevin Butler is just an actor, he has no place as CEO. Good joke.

GreenRingOfLife3234d ago

kool this guys really funny hopefully he can get his own show on comedy central

multipayer3234d ago (Edited 3234d ago )

Home is already better than the ms game room, it doesn't charge you to play games that could be played free on a browser.. Infact the games in home look better than most anything on a web browser. Game developers should also "WANT" to create these free mini games in home to promote their new products anyway, just like a website.

The MS version sucks.

sikbeta3234d ago (Edited 3234d ago )

Hey!!! Jack Tretton is The MAN.... lol?

Kevin Butler is Awesome and the Ads are Real Great, Kevin Butler+MAG Ad was Funny and all but I as Expecting something like K.B. actually playing or showing more about the game and stuff

Edit: Jack Tretton IS The Man, Kevin Butler, It Only Does The Ads lol

ReservoirDog3163234d ago

I like Jack Tretton though. Maybe he could show up on stage at E3 though. That would be cool.

gamingisnotacrime3234d ago

how can you say that after all Tretton has done in preparing those juicy E3 events, besides he is a good PS brand representative

Hanif-8763234d ago

2010 is gonna be the best year in gaming history :-)

Kevin ButIer3234d ago (Edited 3234d ago )

Now Ill be able to afford Heavy Rain, GT5 and GOW3 without sacrificing my retirement future

@Mr Tretton... U better watch your back... 50 cal Boom ;)

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Bodyboarder_VGamer3234d ago

Too much of the same thing get tiring.

danthegardner3234d ago

Says the guy with the Final Fantasy Avatar

joemayo763234d ago


aww man u jus made my night +bubbles

mrdxpr23234d ago

owned ... +bubbles finally a funny comment tonight

kneon3234d ago

If they over saturate with too much Kevin then people will get sick of him. But if they play it right they can stretch it for quite a while yet. But they do need to start thinking about what angle to take with the next concept so they are ready when they need it.

sikbeta3234d ago

danthegardner + The Irony = Bodyboarder_VGamer gets OWNED

lol Pal... better move on...

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Darth Stewie3234d ago

Yes his commercials are great!

unrealgamer583234d ago

lol 2.1 owned you're ass. lol

SmokingMonkey3234d ago

can't wait to see his Killzone 3 commercial.

n4gn4gn4gn4g3234d ago

He'd be great in a Mass Effect Combo BD ad.

xabmol3234d ago


It only does Xbox360 exclusives...


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