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Kevin Butler to star in PlayStation ads for rest of 2010

PS3 Joystiq - "Kevin Butler, you need not worry: Your job as Sony's VP of First Person Shooter Relations is in no threat of ending. Neither is your job as Chief Weaponologist, VP of Epic Footage, VP of Big Action Moments and -- our favorite -- Family Activities Director. In an interview with IGN, SCEA senior vice president Peter Dille talked about the company's new "It Only Does Everything" slogan and marketing campaign. "It's been tremendously successful. Consumers love it. It's great to hear people like you guys love it. And the results are really in the sales because it's really been flying since this coincided in September with the launch of the new PS3." (PS3)

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PirateThom  +   1919d ago
And hopefully to host E3 and then take over from Jack Tretton as head of SCEA...
WildArmed  +   1919d ago
lol among other things..

like world domination >:)

Hope to see him many more years to come, not just '10
Somnipotent  +   1919d ago
that would be great... would never happen... but man, it would bring a certain flair that other companies couldn't match... well, microsoft could hire fat luke wilson to counterpunch.
LordMarius  +   1919d ago
the commercials are good but I hope they have something different come the fall.....they can still have Kevin Butler but with a different formula
PixlSheX  +   1919d ago
BOOM to the power of BOOM!
Price check on aisle ;D
Lifendz  +   1919d ago
Love the humor he brings
but the simple message of the ads are the best part. So many people didn't know what the PS3 could do. Finally Sony is communicating the functionality of it's console.

Next they need to do something with Home ala the MS game room. Get some sort of partnership with Sega and maybe Nintendo, Acclaim, Konami, etc. You get the old Xmen sidescroller in Home and I will wait in line to play it. Not to mention the old Avengers game, Dragon's Lair, TMNT (which has been on Live for a while now), and maybe the Arcade version of Shinobi.

I know that's aiming high but if Sony is really committed to HOme, and wants to do more than make bucks on virtual clothing, then get some content in there that gamers want. /rant
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Mr Tretton  +   1919d ago
"And hopefully to host E3 and then take over from Jack Tretton as head of SCEA"

Oh no you DIDN'T.

I am proud of my minion however.
SoapShoes  +   1919d ago
Who the hell do you think got these ads going? Also Kevin Butler is just an actor, he has no place as CEO. Good joke.
GreenRingOfLife  +   1919d ago
kool this guys really funny hopefully he can get his own show on comedy central
slugboss  +   1919d ago
Home is already better than the ms game room, it doesn't charge you to play games that could be played free on a browser.. Infact the games in home look better than most anything on a web browser. Game developers should also "WANT" to create these free mini games in home to promote their new products anyway, just like a website.

The MS version sucks.
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sikbeta  +   1919d ago
Hey!!! Jack Tretton is The MAN.... lol?

Kevin Butler is Awesome and the Ads are Real Great, Kevin Butler+MAG Ad was Funny and all but I as Expecting something like K.B. actually playing or showing more about the game and stuff

Edit: Jack Tretton IS The Man, Kevin Butler, It Only Does The Ads lol
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ReservoirDog316  +   1919d ago
I like Jack Tretton though. Maybe he could show up on stage at E3 though. That would be cool.
gamingisnotacrime  +   1919d ago
Come on Thom
how can you say that after all Tretton has done in preparing those juicy E3 events, besides he is a good PS brand representative
Hanif-876  +   1919d ago
"It Only Does Console Of The Year 2010"
2010 is gonna be the best year in gaming history :-)
Kevin ButIer  +   1919d ago
Thanks god...
Now Ill be able to afford Heavy Rain, GT5 and GOW3 without sacrificing my retirement future

@Mr Tretton... U better watch your back... 50 cal Boom ;)
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Bodyboarder_VGamer  +   1919d ago
Too much of the same thing get tiring.
danthegardner  +   1919d ago
Says the guy with the Final Fantasy Avatar
joemayo76  +   1919d ago

aww man u jus made my night +bubbles
El_Colombiano  +   1919d ago
mrdxpr2  +   1919d ago
owned ... +bubbles finally a funny comment tonight
kneon  +   1919d ago
Yes but we're not there yet
If they over saturate with too much Kevin then people will get sick of him. But if they play it right they can stretch it for quite a while yet. But they do need to start thinking about what angle to take with the next concept so they are ready when they need it.
sikbeta  +   1919d ago
danthegardner + The Irony = Bodyboarder_VGamer gets OWNED

lol Pal... better move on...
Darth Stewie  +   1919d ago
Yes his commercials are great!
unrealgamer58  +   1919d ago
lol 2.1 owned you're ass. lol
SmokingMonkey  +   1919d ago
Long live Kevin Butler
can't wait to see his Killzone 3 commercial.
n4gn4gn4gn4g  +   1919d ago
Does he only do 1st party ads?
He'd be great in a Mass Effect Combo BD ad.
xabmol  +   1919d ago

It only does Xbox360 exclusives...

themafia  +   1919d ago
it only does everything
these ps3 commercials are funnier than the caveman commercials!!!
Theoneneo81  +   1919d ago
Best News of the day.
00  +   1919d ago
I like those ads
they're pretty funny and entertaining.
Solans Scott  +   1919d ago
Kevin Butler is the man.
1Victor  +   1919d ago
360 fanboy reads article and say
Son of a M.A.G
kewlkat007  +   1919d ago
Pretty good commercials
Ever since the SLIM Sony introduced a new Ad campaign, which has been working. I miss those old-school Rachet & Clank commercials. They had that Backyard amateur look to them...lol
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nogolis  +   1919d ago
You all are moroinc... Well, save for one guy who actually knew "Kevin Butler" isn't really KEvin Butler" his name is Jerry Lambert. He's an actor... He even as an IMDB. You people are so funny... This is why Reality TV is on the air, Rap music is still viable and Taylor Swift wins Grammy awards. Muppets on strings.
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danthegardner  +   1919d ago
It's pretty dumb to call people moronic
When the commercials call him Kevin Butler. Heaven forbid these scholars don't do their research before posting on n4g.
PS360PCROCKS  +   1919d ago
oOoOo big man with his access to google. Man STFU, do you think ANYONE cares what his real name is? And Taylor Swift is hot so how dare you talk bad about her!
darkpower  +   1919d ago
Not too sure what the hell you just said.
gareno  +   1919d ago
YAY i love his ps3 commercials
SyphonFilter  +   1919d ago
he will be there forever,not just 2010.why stop when it works? Also it's important to try and stay unified with the same ad style because then when people see Kevin and the PS logo they will know right away it's a ps3 commercial.
nogolis  +   1919d ago
Yeah, co lets face it ... We all see Jay Leno still peddling Doritos on tv, don't we? Shut up. He will be there until Sony finds something better to do. This is the entertainment business. It's harsh. It's painful at times. It's cold and it's unforgiving. I'm in and around it daily. As soon as someone comes along with a better Advert, this whole "It only does everything" bit is gone.

And does it reall do everything?

I know mine does a lot these slims don't do... So, what should the slogon really be? "It only use to do everything?"
unrealgamer58  +   1919d ago
don't forget that's why you're parents think you're birth is still a decent idea...... lol just joking.
chidori666  +   1919d ago


LeonSKennedy4Life  +   1919d ago
Hopefully, we get a good superbowl commercial with him too. : )

God of War III superbowl commercial, anyone?
Claudinho69  +   1919d ago
am i suppose to know this guy from somewhere else?
DJ  +   1919d ago
He needs to be the PlayStation Spokesperson
For LIFE. He's that damn good.
1800GETOWNED   1919d ago | Spam
PS360PCROCKS  +   1919d ago
These commercials are full of win. Everyone I know laughs at them, whether they have a PS3 or not
Magna Farta  +   1919d ago
I like this guy...
...He kinda represents the real tipping point when Sony's Marketing department FINALLY pulled their heads out and started doing commercials that make sense.

This guy makes a good ad spokesperson. He's not annoying, a decent actor, can do humor without hamming it up, and best of all doesn't resort to puns.

Kevin Butler FTW.
hazelamy  +   1919d ago
should make that guy vp of awesome ads. :)

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