Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Night Vision Goggles review

In this article for I review thing that made the prestige edition of Modern Warfare 2 so expensive.

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JimmyJames703029d ago

Cool. Makes me wish I got the Prestige edition.

-Alpha3029d ago

I mean everybody was crapping on how it was a rip off or whatever but it seems to be quite solid.

But, in all honesty I have no use for NVG's. Maybe it would make a nice collectors item but I can't imagine USING them. I can not help but think IW were aiming to market this at younger kids.

glennc3028d ago

i don't need them but still had to have them. they work amazingly well in pitch black. but i can't see how i can wear them outside without being arrested as a suspected stalker or burglar

toyuts3029d ago

i think this review is 3 months late, but even for a collecters edition i'm pretty sure i rather have the uncharted 2 daggar then this nvg that i probably never use in my life. hey you never know when that daggar can be used....lets go rob a night

Agent Smith3028d ago

Dude, you need that dagger to get to Shambhala.