GamingXP Review: Hustle Kings (PS3)

GamingXP: Whether you like the classic American 8-ball version, or rather between the options killer 9-ball, Blackhall, Cutthroat, 14 / 1 to select continuous or 3-ball - this game gives you the opportunity to to play everything.

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-Alpha2874d ago (Edited 2874d ago )

the game looks stunning but I honestly wouldn't pay for a pool game when I can get it free on the net-- and on Home.

Then again I'm not really a pool enthusiast. I couldn't tell from the review, but does it have MP?

Hellsvacancy2874d ago

Its cool man its a good game, i myself didnt pay 4-it so thats 1+ but my only problem wid the game is u cant use your mic online (yet anyway)

GrandTheftZamboni2874d ago

The game looks AMAZING! The feel of it reminds me of Gran Turismo (Prologue), it's that classy. The physics seem on par. Some reviewers wished there was a crowd cheering. I only played for an hour though, so I didn't get to feel lonely. If I do, I'll try online competition.

edwineverready2874d ago

But no headsets. the mp is great you can invite friends to a game. the game is pretty flawless.