PlayStation VP Suggests PS2 Classics Are PSN Inbound

Comments made by PlayStation senior VP Peter Dille in a recent interview have suggested that Sony is in the process of rolling out PS2 classics on PSN.

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SasanovaS19873210d ago

shadow of the colossus? snake eater? jak and dexter? dark cloud? zone of the enders? consider me a customer

Jamegohanssj53210d ago

The only thing I see is Vice City for some reason. I just want others to be able to play this masterpiece on their console : v ).


deadreckoning6663210d ago (Edited 3210d ago )

I have Backwards Compatibilty(60gb) already, so I'd take Dreamcast games over PS2 classics any day :)

darthv723210d ago

Regardless of the lack of bc in the new ps3, it should not stop sony from releasing a collection of ps2 classics over psn. They can be individually tailored to support trophies and have an updated look thanks to individual emus running them.

If MS can have full dvd based xbox original (and 360) games then sony can do the same and make them better with added features.

Bodyboarder_VGamer3210d ago

But I already have all those games that SasanovaS1987 mentioned.. Will I need to pay for them again to play then on my PS3?

vhero3209d ago

PS2 classics with a massive back catalogue would be the killer for PS3 over 360. 360 could not compete with with that kind of DLC.

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WinterWolf3210d ago

I, for one, am really ready for PS2 games to come back to the PS3! I think it would be awesome to buy PS2 classics from the store and I would love to see that expand. But it would be really great to see disc-based emulation come back as well...

Immortal Kaim3210d ago

I really think this feature will be announced at E3 this year. It is definitely my most anticipated PS3 feature.

One question though, does Sony have a mandate that all PSN games must be in HD? I hope so, cause I want to play FFX again in a HD resolution.

[email protected]3210d ago (Edited 3210d ago )

no no no no, I want my FF Collection and Kingdom Hearts Collection ala God of War Collection with a good HD improvement & Trophy support... especially if all those titles come as the "International Version & Final Mix version" only release on Japan.

So, come on!!!! S-E make it happen!

vhero3209d ago

No trophy support please for the simple reason we would only see a handful of games devs would be bothered to go back and add trophys for. If they just add games which don't need trophys then they could in theory add say 10 a week easily for the rest of the PS3's lifespan.

[email protected]3209d ago

I'm agree with you... but I can't resist it, Kingdom Hearts with Trophies and FFX with trophies support r a dream come true for me...

I can see it...
FFX(Gold Trophy) - Complete a sphere grid with any character.
KH2(Gold Trophy) - Master Every Form and abilities.

Homicide3210d ago

So I take it they'll be putting BC back? I already own the games; not looking forward to buying them again.

SB_tanker3209d ago

Obviously no one is MAKING you re-buy your PS2 games!! That would be retarded. They would be targeted to people who dont have many PS2 games (like me) or any at all. Have you no common sense!?

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