5 Reasons to Play Mass Effect 2 on the PC (and not Xbox 360)

GamingOgre lists 5 reasons why we should purchase and play Mass Effect 2 for the PC instead of the Xbox 360.

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kaveti66163212d ago

1. Crisper visuals.

2. Better controls

3. Cheaper price (I'm assuming)

4. You're a rabid fanboy who can't stand the sight of owning a console that isn't made by Microsoft.

5. Because you touch yourself at night.

kaveti66163212d ago

EDit: IS made by Microsoft.

bshubinsky3212d ago


I own both a 360 and a PS3.

CWMR3212d ago

-Only own a 360 and PS3 so I got the 360 version and I love it.-

Bigpappy3212d ago

We 360 owner are a bunch of brain-dead turds who have no idea what a PC is and that we were being ripped off by M$ for $10 (buck) every time we buy a 360 game. But now you have gone out of your selfless way to educate the dumbass 360 fanboys ... I STILL PREFER THE 360 VERSION you little vermin.

Christopher3212d ago (Edited 3212d ago )

Hack option isn't a strong argument. Most of the hacks you can make are with Hex Editors, and if you know how to transfer a 360 save file to your PC, you can do the same hacks with just a little bit more work as well.

I got it for the PC primarily because I hate my 360 (it has a very loud disc drive and gets hot fast). I owned the first on both 360 and PC, so had multiple save files to use for going forward no matter how I went.

@Jason_360: I get why people think saying that buying a Windows OS is the same as buying a game for a 360, but it really isn't at all the same. OS is a one-time purchase and Microsoft sees absolutely no profit from game sales, digital or otherwise, just because the game runs on their OS. 360 is their hardware, software, and platform and they make money off of each disc pressed by a publisher as well as each console sold and each piece of DLC downloaded on the console. Furthermore, the PC hardware is not made by Microsoft and available from many sources, whereas with the 360 you're stuck with just what they have. I would love to be able to swap out my 360 disc drive for one that isn't as loud, but unfortunately that's just not an option.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3212d ago

Own both an Xbox and PC and both run on a MS operating system. Everyone one who gets this on PC have also had to purchase a copy of Windows. The biggest advantage on PC is user created content and extreme AA if you have a good card.

Reibooi3212d ago

The graphics thing is really the only thing here. If you know where to shop you can get the 360 version for PC price and as far as digital distribution I could care less.

Also the game controls nearly perfectly with the 360 controller so I can't imagine the controls on the PC version being any better then 360.

IdleLeeSiuLung3212d ago

I thought the graphics on ME2 on PC is more or less identical to the 360 version since it isn't optimized at all.

Anyone that have both console and PC version can confirm?

Rush3211d ago (Edited 3211d ago )

Awesome thanks for the information its really helped me on deciding which version of Mass Effect 2 to buy.

*Picks up the 360 version*

Btw, this site has 2 whole articles gaming journalism at its finest!

EVILDEAD3603211d ago (Edited 3211d ago )

1. Your a tiny PC site who need hits

2. You hate Microsoft..also your a tiny PC blog site who need hits

3. You didn't realize that over 2 Million people played the original game on the console and about a million picked have already started playing it on the 360

4. As an realize that the 360 haters will potentially skyrocket this blog to the top of the site..and get this tiny PC fan blog site hits

5. You smoke crack when you believe that sitting comfortably on a couch with a beer playing Mass Effect 2 for 10 hours on Saturday on your 65inch HDTV and your suround sound somehow is trumped by a keyboard and a mouse on a desktop or a laptop (no matter how expensive it is)

My bad...I was only describing my ME2 experience on #5

The true reason for buying Mass Effect 2 on PC is that your a PC gamer with a hot rig and don't own a 360..

Other than convince absolutely no one in the audience that is reading this on side of usual suspects will hate and agree with you and the other will LOL and continue to play through ME2 (some on the 2nd time) on their 360s

I know I'm part of the latter..and when the sales results are revealed you'll see that I'm clearly not the only one

(good luck on the hits though..)


MEsoJD3211d ago

if you have the option of getting the pc version. By all means thats the way to go.

The games great and highly addictive. LOL I love how you can tweak a pc game to your likings. For example, I chose vanguard and got the dlc pack and I wanted to use all the cool weapons I got so I looked it up and Google found out all I had to do was slightly edit a game file and done.
Hmmm cant wait for the mods for this baby.

Just like fallout 3. Not having the pc version is like having a striped down version.

nevimkdojsem23211d ago

since when is 720p identical to 1920x1200 native resolution or higher? What framerate does the xbox version have, since all my PC games run 60fps at the minimum. What about faster loading times (SDD HDD), cheaper price, better control with K+M...

Rush3211d ago (Edited 3211d ago )

Yeah because everyone has a 24" PC Monitor capable of running 1920x1200 in there homes, stop talking smack.

720p is a bigger resolution then what the standard PC resolution at the moment Which is 1024x768.

When you talk about PC's you automatically assume everyone has a high end PC monitor most people in there homes don't. So for alot of people playing Mass Effect 2 on a 50" HD TV with 720p is a better choice then playing it at 1024x768 on a 17" Monitor.

And its good to know you get 60fps min anything more is pointless anyway. Your monitor couldn't refresh fast enough to keep up with your graphics card.

Guido3211d ago

One being the graphics and such. The PC version may not be leaps and bounds over the 360 version but it is better and there is no denying that. Second, for the reliability factor. My PC has never died on me but after 5 Xbox 360's, I am doubting it could make it through this game without dying. I use the 360 for exclusives and buy multiplats on the PC or PS3.

zagibu3211d ago

@ Rush: According to the steam hardware survey, which is quite representative, the primary Desktop resolution of pc gamers is 1280x1024, which is 1.3 Megapixels and 33% larger resolution than HDTV (not full hd, mind you). Furthermore, there are only 25% of people with a lower resolution, and almost 50% have resolutions above this.

Relative screen coverage for a 17" screen is ~138 quadratic inch in 20" viewing distance, which gives us 6.9 quadratic inch per inch distance, and for a 50" hdtv, it's 1068 square inch in 80" viewing distance, which gives us 13.6 quadratic inch per inch distance.

This means a 50" HDTV has only twice the viewing area coverage of a 17" Monitor, at a worse resolution.

dragunrising3211d ago

#1 Graphixz? Who other than PC diehards are going to complain about the graphics anyway?! Its a fact, the 360 version is gorgeous.

#2 Why do I want to play with a mouse and keyboard? I don't. Depends on your preference.

#3 Why do I want to want a digital and non-resell copy of ME2? I don't. Not that I'll ever sell my copy, but I have the option.

#4 I can't afford $10?! Omg thtz expenzive! Enough said...get a job if $10 more for 35 hour game is too much.

#5 Why do I want to mod a single player game and ruin the experience? I don't. Some people like to play the game as intended.

Solidus187-SCMilk3211d ago (Edited 3211d ago )

IT isnt a online game so you dont need to be super accurate with mouse and keyboard.

Also the controller offers force feedback/analogue movement. I know I could hook up my 360 pad to the computer but I dont have a wire and I dont want one.

Ive played FPS on PC ALOT and my fingers on the WASD keys starts to hurt after a while.

I like how they assume everyones computer is more capable then a 360. I got a better GPU in my PC but it has a weak processor and limited ram. For someone like me its much better to go for the optimized 360 version then taking a chance with my computer as I honestly dont know how well it would run. Everyone with a 360 can run it great.

I also would NOT want a digital copy. ME2 is one game that I really want on the disk.


He says "Mass Effect 2, and it’s predecessor, are definitely not those games. When it comes to movement, aiming, choosing special abilities, managing inventory and other functions in the game, a keyboard and mouse cannot be beat."

Uhh movement is better with a pad(analogue movement), aiming doesnt matter too much as its not competitive online game, 360 lets you hotkey 3 powers, AND THERE IS NO INVENTORY IN THE GAME AT ALL.

Dev8 ing3211d ago

I disagree lots of people aren't buying windows 7. Just got to any torrent site and type in windows 7 and see how many people are stealing it. Then consider how long the OS has been out. You're looking at a lot of people that haven't paid MS anything.

ProjectVulcan3211d ago

Why is this such a big deal. If you have a good Pc, get it on Pc. If you dont, get it on 360. If you have neither then ps3 version will come along sooner or later most likely.

I have it for Pc. Among the reasons posted here, one being i can play it on me laptop anywhere and on my home PC, with settings in excess of 360. The game also cost less, and i would just ebay it afterwards so much for trade in value, its still a complete rip on console games.

DMason3211d ago


Have a bubble, you made me laugh today with the cold, hard truth.

NewZealander3211d ago

i have a 360 and a 1080p tv so why would i get it on pc when i would have to fork out for a pc that could handle it?

and i hate playing games at a pc with the mouse and keyboard anyway, i like the social aspect of playing a game on a big screen with mates over.

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GiantEnemyCrab3212d ago

I'm cool with the 360 version thanks..

Major_Tom3212d ago

Yeah most people just prefer the low-fi version to the hi-res version.

GiantEnemyCrab3212d ago

I don't have a PC sitting in my living room next to my 67" HDTV. It looks gorgeous so I don't have any complaints..

El_Colombiano3212d ago

You can't honestly tell me you really stretched out a 1280x720 image onto a 67" HDTV. That's what PC's are for. Higher resolutions!

CobraKai3211d ago

I may not have a pc costing thousands and thousands, but Mass Effect 2 looks damn fine on my $200 360 thank you very much!!

DelbertGrady3211d ago

If you already own a 360 you'd probably want to get the 360 version. Gotta get those achievements ;p

Dev8 ing3211d ago

I don't have my PC next to my tv either but I do have a long HDMI cable. And lol at the ignorance all the disagrees when dude says PC has better resolution; that's a fact and in all probability better frame rate. Thousands and Thousands for a PC hey? Read the article $500 gaming PC. I paid less than a thousand for mine and I haven't had anything it couldn't play although I only needed a new MOBO, Processor, graphics card and RAM. I saved money by using my old Case, power supply, disk drive and hard drive.

Major_Tom3211d ago

I always think about meaningless numbers that pop up on my screen when I do something in-game, it keeps adding to the large number in my Xbox Live profile, until I have large numeration of 5 digit figures, I cannot be satisfied.

I mean achievements are way better than playing in 1080pHD without stutter, long loading times, anti-aliasing, among other perks.

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JasonPC360PS3Wii3212d ago

1. Because it's not on a PS3 (yet)
2. Because it's GOTY on PC or Xbox
3. Because if it ever were to go to the PS3 Mass Effect 3 will be out
4. If you own a PS3 you have nothing but flops to play this year
5. Because PC is the god of gaming platforms.

Every game sold on PC, a copy of Windows s sold because it's required. MS benefits (que the droids but but teh)

dtrain213212d ago


Xbox 360- 9.6

PC- 9.5

captain-obvious3212d ago

"Every game sold on PC, a copy of Windows s sold because it's required."

wow your dumb
so every time i buy a game on my PC i buy Windows again ??

+ i didn't even buy my Windows i got it free and pre installed on my PC

Nihilism3212d ago (Edited 3212d ago )

"Every game sold on PC, a copy of Windows ss sold because it's required"


That's funny because I bought my O.S 3 years ago, gaming was not on my mind when I bought it, and I have bought about 30 games since then. Guess how much money MS got from my game purchases.... $0

Guess how many copies of windows they sold from each of those purchases....0

MS does not profit fro PC gaming IN ANY WAY. The multiplatform games usually only run DX9 anyway, and even if they do have a DX10 mode, it is not a requirement, so there are many people ( the majority ) of PC gamers running XP which is how old now....7 years?, that's 7 years that MS has not made a single cent from every game purchase from each windows owner, you sad deluded fool.


@Jason 360

You're not too bright are you. People REQUIRE an O.S regardless of whether or not they play games. Windows has the biggest adoption rate. This is in no way tied to PC gaming, and they do not profit from it.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3212d ago

"so every time i buy a game on my PC i buy Windows again ??"

Not a very bright one are you? Every PC gamer need to own WINDOWS so if there are 50 million PC gamers there are 50 million copies of Windows... MS benefits.

Like I said you're not to bright.

ChrisW3211d ago

Linux... Solaris... Mac OS...

Of course out of these, only Linux has a strong gaming community.

Ilikegames763211d ago

here's a website just for a boy of your age:

Guitarded3211d ago

A PC gamer is a person with more time on their hands(for assembly, software installs, drivers, etc., etc., etc.) and money in their pockets(360 Pre-assembled with a 3 year warranty $200, Mass Effect 2 $45 on than brains in their heads.

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FreeFalling3212d ago

Or how about I play it on the console of my choice, the Xbox 360? Sorry, me along with many others cannot get into PC gaming as easily as we can get into gaming on a console. Simple as that.

I prefer the simplicity of just sitting on my bed or couch and loading Mass Effect in and playing it on my HDTV. Sure you can hook it up to your computer, but the comfort and simplicty wouldn't be the same. Plus you have a community of gamers if you have an XBL account, and etc.
I'm not hating on the PC version, but how Sony fanboys and PC elitists are making the comparison out to be is ridiculous at times, the game will be great no matter what. Also, would you be sitting there playing Uncharted 2, God of War 3, or Gran Turismo on the PC if it came out on that platform and you could choose? Most likely not, because you prefer gaming on your PS3. Same goes with people who own a 360.

wanderofys3211d ago

I swear to god I've read this exact post on N4G like 80 times. Couch bedroom blah blah blah, fanboys blah blah blah. PC elitist blah blah blah.

We get it. Jeez.

zagibu3211d ago

And you will read it again and again. It's hardcore vs. casual, what do you expect? The hardcore crowd always makes it possible for the casual folks, and they seem to expect some kind of gratitude for this. But instead, they get ridiculed and beaten with ignorance. This happens everywhere, not just in gaming.

wanderofys3211d ago

What do you mean it's hardcore vs casual? I don't see anything in his comment that has anything to do with that. There's nothing any more hardcore or casual about playing the same game on different medium, or WHERE YOU CHOOSE TO SIT to play the game! This generation of gamers are really, really dumb.

FreeFalling3211d ago

It's called comfort with your setting, and comfort with the platform/ style you're playing. What exactly is so wrong with that?

wanderofys3210d ago

There's nothing wrong with it at all, I never said there was. The article itself is dumb. The argument for both sides is dumb. There are perks to both, some people like PC's perks, some like console perks. Your original post was fueling an argument that was stupid to begin with.

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