IGN: Sony Thinking Big With Video Content On PSN

Original programming could expand beyond PlayStation Network.

Next month, Sony plans to introduce its newest gaming reality show "The Tester" on PlayStation Network. The Tester joins other original programming, such as PULSE and Qore, as the company looks to continue expanding its video content on the service.

Unlike Microsoft's Xbox LIVE model, where users are required to pay a yearly subscription fee of $50 to gain access to services such as Netflix, Sony's PlayStation Network is open to everyone free of charge. This allows the company to experiment with different types of programming and business models.

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-Alpha3089d ago (Edited 3089d ago )

But I'm still waiting for Videos to come to my country. There are some stupid laws about videos or something, and it's highly annoying not being able to buy movies on PS3.

What exactly is "The Tester" though?

NateNater3089d ago

The Tester? Its a reality TV show about game testers trying to win a competition to be an official Playstation game tester along with $5,000. I believe I also heard that even if you don't have access to PSN Video Store you can still access the episodes in the media section of PSN.

SasanovaS19873089d ago

its not a show consisting of game testers, its a cast of regular people, ranging from doctors to students, from ages 22 to like 40 or so, and they are your regular gamers who are competing for their dream job as an official game tester for sony....however i dont see how a doctor would give up his career for games, but when taking this addicting hobby into consideration, i somehow am not surprised...

deadreckoning6663089d ago


Why pay to watch movies from PSN when u can just stream em on the net for free??

-Alpha3089d ago (Edited 3089d ago )

Oh I see. Is it free? Seems very cool, but I hate these stupid laws.


Lol, shhh. ;)

Edit: Yeah, I would like to watch Hi def movies-- especially with other people unlike the PC where it's more private

table3089d ago

in a word, quality. Then again it could be ignorance... either way there is a market for it.

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