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MAG's player count is an impressive technical achievement, but the game world feels oddly mechanical. Outside of the high player count, the uninspired world fails to stand out from the pack. If every gameplay mechanic were kept intact and shrunk down to a 16 or 32-player game, MAG would be an experience as generic as its title.

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Rocky873235d ago

I think I will give it try. Even if it's hard to put Killzone 2 away.

neil903235d ago

It is probably the most inspired fps I've played. THe game basically is all about what Zipper was trying to achieve. Massive action game based on tactical elements.


This month GI reviews are a little uninspiring if you ask me. They said WKC was good and gave it a 7.25 and now a 7 for MAG... its ok as Im not interested in MAG but a 7? A little off to the growing comunity who is enjoying it rigth now. A friend said to me it was better than MW2...but better than MW2 everything. LOL!!


Doletskaya3235d ago (Edited 3235d ago )

Get over it guys,Zipper fails this time coz they choose scale of battle over quality of a shooter.We got other amazing exclusives coming such as GOWIII and Heavy Rain,Its ok that this one flops

neil903235d ago

I am not saying the game is bad. That is completely subjective. But in what way is it uninspired? A game like guitar hero world tour was meant to just copy rock band. MAG was the opposite of uninspired.


Because a game had to be judged based on what you play. An example for me is Halo 3, this game get great reviews and sold great. It has a mass comunity playing it on XBOX LIVE, but for me the game is crap. Its one of the most boring games I ever played, in the single player campaing anyway. So to me it is a flop not because it didnt sell and because of bad reviews but because I didnt like it. I enjoyed more Kameo Elements of Power than H3. So Kameo is a better game rigth? For me it is...but for the "profesional" media it isnt. So why bash or say someting negative of a game if you havent played it. For me MAG is simple not my type of game so Im not planing buying it, maybe when it drops the price.

OHH the price. Something reviewers are complaining about but some of them didnt complain about the full price of the expansion pack named ODST. OHHH but ITS THA CONSPYRACY!!! this is what xbox 360 extremist said to defend their position for bashing PS3 games. They always post in the bad reviews. In the last few days this site was infested with 360 extremists, maybe Mass Effect 2 is as boring as the first after all...


Doletskaya3235d ago

I dont like it,the sales suck and the review scores are below average.I feel pity for Zipper because their reputation got damaged pretty badly this time,especially in the eyes of their funder,Sony.I guess its pretty tough for Zipper to accept that the game they've invested more than three years into developing turns out to be a disappointment.

sikbeta3235d ago


Pal, you played the Game?

MAG is Awesome and Zipper deliver a lot, hope you're not saying this for the sake of hate instead of just enjoying it

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LevDog3235d ago

If you like strategy and non brainless shooting.. Then buy it.. If you love SoCrack but it..

This is exactly the type of game I needed.. MW2 was mind numbing.. Point shoot kill die repeat.. No talking or strategy..

MaG changes all that.. You can have the fast past shooting of MW2 (minus the Killstreaks) but still have time to think and strategize with your teamates..