5 reasons why MAG is criminally underrated

CN: "Hype is the double-edged sword that has propelled video games to success and damned them to failure. The proper marketing of a hyped game gets potential customers excited, mesmerizing them with flashy screen shots and strategically edited trailers. If the game is received positively by critics, gamers rejoice, sales inevitably surge and the game's developers. Publishers immediately begin planning a sequel.

If the reviews indicate that the hyped video game is anything short of the second coming of Christ, however, the system breaks down and all hell breaks loose.

Gamers begin to riot on message boards. Pre-orders are canceled. And, eventually, the game eventually becomes consigned to the bargain bin. It's one or the other, win or lose. There's no in between.

Which is why MAG, Sony's latest pet project, finds itself in a perilous predicament.

It's been touted for years as being the first-person shooter to revolutionize the genre. But, now that it's here, a sizable amount of the reviews claim that that isn't necessarily the case. MAG has allegedly failed to fully live up to the massive amounts of hype surrounding its release. IGN gave it a 7, Eurogamer also gave it a 7 and EDGE magazine gave it a 6.

Hardly the 9s and 10s most would expect from a hyped, potentially triple-A exclusive. In fact, as anyone familiar with the fundamentally flawed, numerical rating system that governs most video game reviews, prospective customers tend to see 7's and 6's not as average, but abysmally horrible.

But while MAG may not be the next evolution in video games, it's hardly the disappointment that the low scores seem to suggest. It may not be perfect, but its plethora of shining qualities are being buried beneath the shards of broken expectations. It's a victim of its own hype and being criminally underrated.

Here are five reasons why."

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tehk1w12941d ago

I have to agree. I still don't think MAG is the bee's knees necessarily, but c'mon -- EDGE gave it a 6? What the heck was that all about?

From the five hours I've played it I would say MAG is a solid 8. If you really dig it, though, it could easily be a 9.

-Alpha2941d ago (Edited 2941d ago )

It doesn't look like bee's knees to me, but it certainly looks worthy of a try.

As for Edge, did you expect any higher? They are always like that.

For this list:

most reviewers did mention all 5 points, but they either weren't that impressed with them, or they found some other faults with the game (IGN noted bugs and balance issues). Then again, others loved the concept.

I think the mass diversity of reviews comes solely from experience. It's MP only so the reviews are going to based on a lot of personal experience over something objective like technical graphics.

However at the same time I question why people are so defensive with the reviews. Certainly a 7 or 8 isn't considered bad. I can't tell if people are simply being defensive because a precious PS3 exclusive isn't AAA or if this really is an issue of comprehending a different style.

Reviews usually are based on components. Graphics, sound, gameplay, story etc all constitute for a high score so it's really tough when a MP only game comes out because it requires some consideration. I think people would agree MAG doesn't have the best graphics so surely people can't expect something like a 9/10 for it. the sounds are okay from what I hear, etc. Gameplay is the key to any game, and I haven't heard anything ridiculously lousy about it.

Still, I'm not one to make excuses but that's my speculation

lolcatz2941d ago

NORMALLY I'd agree that 8's and 7's aren't that bad.

But when it comes to a game that was supposed to be getting high scores, 8's and 7's go from being "above average" to being "disappointing".

Few people see 5 as being average. I mean, when reviewers give a game a 5, they never say "Oh it's just average but still worth playing." If the score ever dips beneath a 7 it's automatically assumed to be pretty awful.

-Alpha2941d ago (Edited 2941d ago )

I really don't remember MAG being hyped as AAA.

I remember a lot of people hyping A-AA. The only people that get really upset are the PS3 fanboys that are experiencing massive butt-hurt with a PS3 exclusive receiving lower grades than normal.

I don't understand why 7-8 is considered bad for an average but to many people on N4G they have a problem with it. Not every game needs to be AAA to succeed and it's exactly that kind of thinking that is so flawed and unfair for games and developers.

People also barely look at the reviews and just the score and then throw a tantrum over the fact that it's not a nice shiny 9.0


completely agree. It's only the PS3 fans that are making such a big deal out of a 7/10 or an 8/10


I don't think Zipper has been lazy. I think little things like ladder animations can definitely be added in. Also, not many games have ladder animations either. K2 is the only one I have in mind that has that.

Ironically enough I found that when planting a bomb Zipper animated the actual act of planting the bomb which is something I have never really seen except in MW.

lolcatz2941d ago

Sony has been hyping this bad boy for quite some time. I think it warrants the "potentially AAA" treatment.

But totally agree. A 7 shouldn't be looked at as being mediocre.

Blaze9292941d ago (Edited 2941d ago )

Why for Playstation exclusive games does there always have to be some "reason" or article about the game's score? From comments to articles like this one. Who cares - it's just a damn number/letter. It's ONLY with Playstation gamers - no other audience feels they have to speculate on such ridiculous meanings.

Maybe I'm wrong. If someone can show me some 360 exclusives, Wii exclusives, PC exclusives where fans of the system started whining and making up reasons and excuses for review scores instead of randomly hitting that disagree button without a reply then I'll correct myself. But I bet you won't becuase it's true.

So now we need 5 reason why MAG isn't being scored fair? wow. Seriously, who cares? It's just ONE person's this comment. Same thing is happening with Heavy Rain right now with all the French reviews coming in. I mean damn is it possible to cry more? The game is what it is and I'm sure everyone expected this for MAG...well, almost everyone.

hazardman2941d ago

I think that the game would have scored way higher if it had some type of storied campaign to go along with the great online multiplayer..and if you disagree your just a Hater..

STK0262941d ago (Edited 2941d ago )

I'll say it again, MAG works, MAG is a fun game, MAG requires team work and is not well suited for everyone. MAG might not be the best shooter out there, but it's still a very enjoyable game.

However, Zipper has been "lazy" if you will. No ladder animations (when you're on a ladder, you can't see your hands or anything), bland-looking hud, some underwhelming animations and a lack of maps are greatly hurting MAG in my opinion. These are mostly small things that Zipper could have made better, and all combined, they would have made the game more enjoyable. I know Modern Warfare 2 isn't exactly loved by everyone here on N4G, you can't deny that it sets the bar when it comes to these little things.

MAG is an incredible technical achievement on the PS3, it simply seems like Zipper was more interested in showing us an enjoyable tech demo rather than the "AAA-title" you would normally expect from this awesome developer. When you take out the technical aspect (of actually having so many players on the same huge map with almost no lag) of the game, what you are left with is fun shooter with low production values.

edit : Also, I almost forgot, Zipper needs to get rid of all the invisible walls. I can see why I can't go through 2 or 3 wooden supports, can't see why my bullet can't go through though (not through the wood itself). I can see the guy, he's 3-4 feet away from me, we both try to shoot, but our bullets won't go through the huge hole left by the 2 or 3 2x4...

Shadow Flare2941d ago

Since when was EDGE a professional reviewer? Their reviews are worthless, and provide no real indication of the actual games quality. They consistantly score games, especially ps3 exclusives way below metacritic scores. They do not know how to review games. Edge do not matter.

raztad2941d ago (Edited 2941d ago )

Criminally underrated is the perfect description for MAG lukewarm reception.

It's just criminal to overlook the effort put for the devels in this game and its technical achievements.

It's criminal to underscore a game that brings so much to a tired genre because it got no UC2 visuals while forgetting the game has 256 players on field with no lag. It's criminal to underscore MAG for having some bugs here and there while the glitch fest MW2 got 9 and 10s.

It's criminal to underrate MAG when it offers such a different experience that please hardcore players but casuals can enjoy as well.

Haters be damned. I'm off for some MAG Domination!!

SaberEdge2941d ago

Yes, yes, we know that all PS3 exclusives are the pinnacle of gaming and if reviewers don't recognize that undeniable fact then there is something wrong./s

Tony P2941d ago

I don't consider it underrated, but I think it's under-appreciated for what it is.

Because patience, teamwork, and strategy aren't the buzzwords you use to sell a shooter to the average shooter fan. I'm glad some games still focus on the strategic side instead of who got the RPG first.

sikbeta2941d ago

If this Game is getting some low scores is cuz Reviewers didn't like the Idea of a Team-Based On-line Game, so That's it

MAG is Awesome, anyone can't talk [email protected] about the game if is not played and I'm not talking about fooling around for 3 hours and don't get used to it

Gamers FTW!!!

bioshock12212941d ago

How is it underrated?? What's next people are gonna say Killzone 2 and Halo ODST were underrated. Please this is the game PS3 owners have been talking about besides GOW3. So it didn't live up to the hype and expectations but I definitely wouldn't call this game underrated.

Nikuma2941d ago

Why do people keep saying this game had massive hype around it? MAG has to be one of the LEAST hyped PS3 exclusives I've seen. It's a blast to play though, and I'd recommend at least a rent if you're into shooters.


Judging from the Beta and what I have seen from reviewers it's an honest 8, just like SOCOM Confrontation (after bugs were hammered out), your game can rock or suck depending on how your team plays and your own teamplayer skills (it's specially rewarding when both sides play it greatly).

Much like SOCOM it can create a loyal base, players that will keep coming back to this and keep the game alive (I still play Confrontation almost everyday and I can't remember ever getting a tough time finding an almost filled room to play).

It's not for COD noobs, it can have a tough learning curve, take some time to unlock better equip and, in relation to SOCOM, you depend on a lot more people to win a game (frustrating when your squad/group make their work just so you see those other 6 objectives red...) but it's definely something those interested in tactical shooters should take a look.

My only complains to the game are the gameplay could be a bit more tight/responsive, maybe the aim, I don't really know what it is, but it feel a bit generic and not in a good way, feels like it missing by just a bit... It also could use higher damage/lower health, if you want people to work together and cover each other @s, make their own @ss worth covering and it's frustrating when you surprise a guy, spray 10 bullets to his chest and he still walks, totally unrealistic and don't fit the game that well. Maybe the sound could be a bit better, but I have to get the full game to listen, on the Beta the Snipers were totally lame (specially after a session of BFBC2).

I'm getting MAG as soon as I'm back from vacation.

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lolcatz2941d ago

I disagree. MAG is impressive from a technical perspective, but it's not better than Modern Warfare 2 or Bad Company 2. It tries to do both but fails at being either.

2941d ago
Dnied2941d ago (Edited 2941d ago )

k for one lol being an owner of both consoles, enjoying both.......

MAG is trying to be like nothing currently on the market.... It's really trying to be both? its pretty much the exact opposite of mw2. This is why I'm getting both MAG and bc2 because they both offer something different.

And Just because you haven't purchased a ps3 yet and havn't played any of the games you mentioned, doesnt mean you have to take stabs at the ps3 lol what are you, 6?

I'm not really sure why you're trying to rip up some ps3 exclusives that have already proven to be strong, and one isnt even out yet so you're basing you opinion off of absolutely nothing. No ps3, and no game?

If you tried to defend ME2 in any way before it was released, you're a hypocrite. If typing about how bad the ps3 is what helps you get to sleep at night, atleast keep it in the open zone or better yet, a word document on your desktop.

EDIT: Almost forgot to mention. all 3 of your "crappy" games are trying to do something completely different from the rest of the pack. They're trying to push their creativity and passion to the limits as opposed to making a quick buck. If you can't respect that, whether the game is your kind of game or not, just dont bother typing anything at all.
People like you are the reason mw2 is so bad.

sikbeta2941d ago

POOR poopnscoop SOUL

Pal, FIRST, get a life, SECOND, get a GF, THIRD, Stop talking [email protected] About Something you Don't know, I mean WKC a cr~ppy game? WHY? cuz is not da MW2?

lol kid, there is more in life than Hating a Console and Electronic Manufacturer and its Respective CREW of Fans, just cuz you don't have ONE or cuz you still believe that you're a Shareholder

Dnied2940d ago

I'd like to know how i lost a bubble for my post? lol

Gamers can't be unbiased and honest anymore?

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GiantEnemyCrab2941d ago

Still not convinced this game is anything more than a weekend rental. Played the beta, did not like it. "Criminally Underrated" is your own personal opinion but this criminally defensive posturing over the game is funny.

I fell for that with RFOM when the "in the defense of" articles started coming out and I ended up spending $60 on a game I probably wouldn't of even rented..

tehk1w12941d ago

Big adjectives = splashy headlines.

As for the beta, it's weird. I played the beta and was not impressed at all by it. However, something about the retail copy just clicked with me. I'm not entirely certain if the graphics were improved or whatever, but the experience was considerably more positive.

Maybe it was all the drugs I take. I dunno.

Dev8 ing2941d ago

Don't even bother renting MAG. You can't get far on a rental. I'd recommend you wait to buy it when it is cheap.

kneon2941d ago

Otherwise you probably still won't like it. For a lot of people they only get into the game after 10+ hours of playing. The game is hard, there is a lot to learn and it requires a completely different mindset than playing COD.

I'm actually surprised by the scores that are 6s and 7s. There are plenty of 8s and 9s, which I expected, but I thought the low scores would be even lower as this is really a love it or hate it kind of game.

sikbeta2941d ago


Is good to see that you understand what's an Opinion

The best thing you can do, is Rent it, the Final product is better than the beta, I can assure you that, but at the same time you'll need to get used to cooperate with your team in order to win, S.V.E.R are Tough Guys VALOR and RAVEN are a little behind, but when more people join to the Factions, it'll be A Pure Epic Battle

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Sure,but to each his own in the end.
criminally enjoyable for me.All that really matters.
I do not agree with some of the reviews coming in but then again I often don't.

kewlkat0072941d ago

regardless what is promised IF you get 900 gamers online at once. Big fn deal.

tehk1w12941d ago

What games like WoW which not only retailed for full price but charged for subscription fees on top of that?

Also, would MAG warrant a purchase if it came with a painfully tacked on SP mode w/ bots ala Battlefield 1942?

Dev8 ing2941d ago

That is a retarded mentality. You should consider the true value of a game which is the amount of money spent per hour. For example consider Darksiders (single player only) you play through it twice maybe and get the platinum 30 hrs tops. Price/hour = $2/hour. MAG I have so far played for 40 hours and haven't even hit first prestige probably another 20-30 hours away and there are 3 factions so let's just say 180 hour game minimum = $0.33/hour. Even Mass Effect 2 comes in at $1/hour. So there is no story mode for the crap that is passed off as story (MW2) that could be a good thing.

DatNJDom812941d ago

Halozzzzzzzzzzz ODZZZZZZT says hi