Blizzard announces offline Auction House access in World of Warcraft

Today in an official forum post, Blizzard hinted at an out-of-game Auction House service coming soon, available via the Armory website as well as an iPhone App.

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Zenmode2942d ago

This will engross people even more in WoW than they already are while they're on the game itself - who knows what will be next.

UPSLynx2942d ago

Brain implants so players never have to disconnect?

Karsghul2942d ago

1. Good way to find a server with a good economy. That is, if they let us see all servers AH.

2. When i stop playing WoW for months, i would make a trail account just to check the economy on my server to see if it was a good idea to return.

BRG90002942d ago

If you look closely, the blizzard rep mentions that this may be a premium service. I'd love to be able to use the auction house from my phone, but I think I'd pay maybe $10 once for it. Probably wouldn't pay monthly.

primesuspect2942d ago

This is fantastic for travelling. I had a full, basically unplayable copy of WoW installed on my netbook, JUST so I could check auctions while on the road.