No loading screens in Dante's Inferno

TVGB: "Just because Dante's Inferno is all about hell doesn't mean it's going to put you through it with interminable loading screens, revealed executive producer and creative director Jonathan Knight during a recent roundtable interview."

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yoghurt3034d ago

Funny these days how loading screens are seen as a bad thing....I remember the old days loading a cassette to play a game, watching the zig zag screen and the screeching sound as it loaded, for aggggges

Still good they make these advancements but some don't realise how good we have it these days!

Fishy Fingers3034d ago

How good we have it, yet how we still manage to moan about the smallest of things. Half the fun of the spectrum days was wondering "will it work???". Good times.

Perhaps new comers should be forced a week of spectrum before being handed anything current ;)

LumpsRGood3034d ago

Indeed. I remember my old Coco tape drive fondly, but not as fondly as when I *had* to upgrade from 5" floppies to 3.25"

Talking about swapping disks and loading screens...