Dante's Inferno Super Bowl Spot Revealed

Gamervision: "Well, here it is, the Dante's Inferno commercial that will air during the 4th quarter of the Super Bowl. I promise we'll shut up about it after tonight. Well, until there's the inevitable follow-up, when some crazy Christian group gets angry about something, or a parent sends a strongly worded e-mail to someone. Ah, who are we kidding, it's Dante's Inferno all day, all night. Have a seat, folks, it'll be over soon.

As for the trailer, which is sort of the point of all this, I can see people both loving and hating it. What do you think? Is it "great for gaming" like I said earlier? Or is it, as many will likely think, does it show EA "having raped the Divine Comedy so"?"

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ryuzu2939d ago

Music doesn't suit the action and there's no gameplay in the clip...

That is usually a good sign to avoid a game lol.


iheartdestr0y2939d ago

Lets hope it lives up to hype! looks cool demo was alright

dominicm2939d ago

Looks okay, I don't know if it needed a pricey Super Bowl commercial/

Athlon2938d ago

I'm sorry, but this is a slap in the face to God of War fans. I'd much rather see Sony advertise God of War III or Heavy Rain than EA doing this CG ad for a game who's in-game graphics don't even look anywhere near CG. I'm going to rent Dante's inferno most likely, but commercials that really advertise a high caliber game like how the Mass Effect 2 commercial did at the NFC Championship had a wow factor to it. The only thing that catches people's attention is the "Hell awaits" words at the end.

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