Super Monkey Ball Nintendo World

DualShockers writes: "A day before Valentine's Day, head over to Nintendo World in New York City for Super Monkey Ball! On February 13, Nintendo World will be celebrating the launch of Super Monkey Ball Step & Roll for Nintendo Wii which, you can tell from the name itself, takes advantage of the Wii balance board. The game releases on February 9, but who cares? The fun begins Saturday! People who attend will be able to take photos with AiAi (the monkey in Super Monkey Ball) and eat bananas. Yes, it actually says "re-fuel with a Chiquita banana and enjoy other Super Monkey Ball giveaways!" I'm not big on the bananas, but definitely interested in the other giveaways! There will be hourly challenges for everyone to compete for prizes. Hope you're ready to get your Super Monkey butt kicked, because DualShockers is coming!"

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Ninferno3212d ago

Super Monkey Ball forever

Chadness3212d ago

If only I lived near NYC...