Windows 7 now fastest selling OS in history

Microsoft has announced that Windows 7 has risen to become the fastest-selling operating system in the history of computers.

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Fishy Fingers3207d ago

Windows 7 has Vista to thank for that. Plus of course the number of computers is always growing which obviously helps.

Bnet3433207d ago

Why does 7 need to thank Vista?

Blaze9293207d ago

I'm guessing it's becuase Vista sucked ass (before service packs) and people wanted to get that thing off their computer asap to the next best thing - Windows 7?

ATi_Elite3207d ago

Windows 7 does not have Vistas to thank because if Win7 sucked then I would still be using XP

Windows 7 is freakin AWESOME. and yes XP is still on my machine

thehitman3207d ago

Id expect it to be faster than other O/S since more and more and more people are making computers a staple in their households and by the fact Vista wasnt as expected it left the floodgates open for win7.

BuZzz Killington3207d ago (Edited 3207d ago )

man i got free windows 7 ultimate installed never looked back. reinstalled vista for some reason to trouble shoot something after going from win 7 back to vista(thats with sp1 +sp2 by the way its still a clutttered os ) it was horrible i couldnt stand vista immediately put win 7 back on and hoped my free special disk worked. and it did so i was ohh so happy.....and people saying if vista was so bad why didnt every one stick with xp etc well they did then microsoft stopped selling xp and forcing vista on pc's that couldnt even handle it lol. its not like the moajority of people had the choice lol microsoft shoved vista down are throats plus by now xp is out dated for most users so basically they are forced to buy win 7 or pirate which most are 7 is great and all but lets be real it should be a gift for making me use that crap vista even with the service wasnt getting my 230 dollars for something that should have came out in the first place.....besides win 7 just copies the mac os and cleaned up the clutter and made the menu and layout more refined and easier to find things but it is nothing breathtaking or innovative and worth 230 7 is what vista should have been.....

pangitkqb3207d ago

Which has motivated me to move on to 7... which has been arguably the best Operating System/UI I have personally ever experienced.

I use a Mac at work (and love it), but Windows 7 really has impressed me.

BuZzz Killington3207d ago

why bother with this site people are all the same on this site and people who actually have a unique opinion like me just stand out like sore thumb. and get de bubbled or disaggreed with....screw you guys im goin home.......yeah has every version of win 7 to download.....but if you wanna pay microsoft aka the devil then go ahead 230 dollars for an os gtfo microsoft.....mac's newest os is 50 is the last company im gunna feel bad about not giving my money too.......and by the way if vista was as good as you guys are saying win 7 wouldnt be selling like minority of people that like it or say its not as bad as they say obviously either dont use your pc very much or your hardcore nerds so everything pc related seems easy for i know why bungie does what he does cuz theres no pleasing everyone on this excuse for a site so you mise well just f with peoples heads on this site.....

SaiyanFury3207d ago

I had Vista on the laptop that I bought pre-Service Pack 1 so I can't comment on it. All I know is that my Vista ate my anti-virus and my touchpad drivers to the point where they could no longer be installed. I've been using the Windows 7 RC for months now and I love how great it is. It's nice and stable for gaming as well as everything else. I run a dual boot with Windows XP but I only use it maybe 2% of the time. With my modern PC Windows 7 is beautiful. It's fast, functional, and stable. Shyte, it even supports my mouse's Aero Glass interface. I can scroll through windows with a mere touch of my mouse's scroll wheel. Not to mention it's compatibility. Installing Windows 7, it immediately recognised my no-name n-band wireless card and went online. Windows 7 is grand and I'll be buying the Ultimate version once my RC client expires.

MorganX3206d ago (Edited 3206d ago )

7 is pretty damn good. Runs like butter on my iMac. Really makes OS X look like a high school project. Windows 7 Runs better on Apple hardware than OS X. Unfortunately no upgrade paths so I'll have to go back to a PC in about a year. Gonna have to have USB 3.0.

Expandability and openness. The true advantage of the PC platform.

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raztad3207d ago (Edited 3207d ago )

Hey MS where is my FREE Vista to 7 upgrade? That crap is infecting my laptop. Thankfully Vista is just for my PC gaming needs. Linux is the way to go for me.

mrblacknut3207d ago

If Linux is the way to go then why are you whining about 7 or even Vista. If you were really confortable with your decision you wouldn't whine about some free upgrade.

Elven63207d ago

They gave you a free upgrade for Vista, they called it Service Pack 1 and 2! Seriously, use vanilla Vista and then use it with the Service Pack, it's almost night and day!

Overall I'd still say Windows 7 is better but to completely rag on Vista like that is a bit unfair.

ArmrdChaos3207d ago

Maybe you still have some of those Sony rootkits still on your system?

Somnipotent3207d ago

it should have been given away free considering how horrible vista was

kneon3207d ago

but the damage had been done, everyone thought it was much worse than it really was. And in fact NVidia is to blame for a huge proportion of system failures and hangs early in the life of Vista, their drivers were complete crap. My Vista systems haven't had a single issue since SP1.

But Windows 7 is excellent, I've seen up to 25% performance improvement going to 7, and so far it's rock solid. And I've been throwing some pretty heavyweight tasks at it such as video transcoding, bulk photo processing and of course gaming. Far more stable than my mac which gets biweekly GSOD

Rhythmattic3207d ago


One thing I've learnt , If your mac crashes, 99.9% of the time its related to Faulty Ram or Hard drive.
Just letting you know so you dont have any problems in the furture.

kneon3207d ago


That just adds to the list of things wrong with this laptop.

Glad it's a company machine as I wouldn't have wanted to waste my own money on this thing. It has the worst WiFi of any machine I own, get's 1 bar when the others get 5, flaky USB ports and the keyboard is flaky as well. So much for Apple quality.

CoderDunn3207d ago

Yea Apple likes to put sh!t in shiny containers and charge a premium.

feelintheflow3207d ago

of course if you had the computing power to use it. Its one of those things, don't go out and get something if you have minimum requirements and it is brand new, duh. I have Vista on my laptop right now. I bought the laptop almost a year and a half ago. Never once had a problem. Of course dual core and 4 gb of ram don't hurt. What suprises me is how many people jumped to 7 so fast. Unless you have a weak computer Vista is just fine now.

SaiyanFury3207d ago

@Kneon above

I have to agree. Windows 7 is great for multimedia processing. I use Cyberlink's PowerDirector for my video editing, and Windows 7 uses all 4 of my CPU's cores for processing. It's fast and stable. As well with my audio and photo editing. Macs are typically touted as the best multimedia machines, but with Windows 7, a modern PC can easily perform as well as any Mac. :)

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Shadow Man3207d ago

Can you believe it runs smooth on 512mb of ram!

NiiGhTx3207d ago

will it delete everything i have on my laptop?

Shadow Man3207d ago

Or backup your stuff to an external hard drive.

Nihilism3207d ago

Not if you have vista, if you upgrade from say 32 vista to 32bit win 7, or 64 bit vista to 64 bit win7 it retains all your files and installs. But it's always best to back it up anyway,

But if your upgrading from XP then yes, it will delete everything.

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