Gripe: Battlefield Bad Company 2 Multiplayer Demo

Hype and Gripe has posted an article on the apparent issues in the multiplayer demo of Bad Company 2. The article goes on to express concern that Bad Company 2 will not only not take out Modern Warfare 2 as EA hopes, but that the game will fail to live up to its potential.

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Insomnia_842910d ago

I am 100% sure it will be better than MW2.

Motion2910d ago (Edited 2910d ago )

"However, multiplayer will now feature the inclusion of experience points that can then be used towards class and weapon customization. A move ripped right out of Modern Warfare 2’s playbook."

I stopped reading this article right here. This system has been used in Battlefield games long before MW and MW2. Saying that Dice ripped off the system from Infinity Ward is ridiculous, and completely inaccurate/uninformed.

ruestm2909d ago

Motion is correct in that I failed to leave out the fact that other Battlefields had similar features. This was a mistype on my part and the post has been corrected to accurately reflect what I was trying to say. Thanks for your feedback.

DeadConsole2909d ago

Anything is better than Modern Glitch-fare 2

solidworm2909d ago

MAG completely out battlefields battlefield,......shame.