Final Fantasy XIII's 3 Discs Shouldn't Matter

RespawnAction: "Yesterday was the confirmation of Final Fantasy XIII on the Xbox 360 being on three discs. All over the internet this was the hot topic and people commenting constantly about it. Why? This in no way affects the game."

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Nelson M3213d ago

It's just another Reason to Laugh at all them Silly Little BoTs

Xbox has no Games !!

Shadow Man3213d ago (Edited 3213d ago )

Your HD is full of installations and updates now you have to delete to make up space.


edit:@The Iron Sheik "optional" installations

The Iron Sheik3213d ago

We can upgrade to a 500GB HDD if we need space. And for less money than M$ charges for a 120GB HDD.

Too bad you can't upgrade the 360's last gen DVD drive.


ssipmraw3213d ago

there are no installs for this game on the ps3 :)

try harder :)

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Tinted Eyes3213d ago

And it won't matter when games are on 10 discs either.
Lol people let too much things slide this gen.

blitz06233213d ago

Compressed audio and video. To me, that already matters, not to mention the annoyance of switching between discs every now and then.

Wrathman3213d ago

it was never a problem on any other console.

jezzz even the sims on the pc had 4 install discs.or 3 and you played off 1.

regardless you still have to get off your butt to change from one game to another.

SasanovaS19873213d ago

it isnt a problem because noone will buy ff13 on 360 anyway. on top of that you have worse audio then the ps3 version, worse visuals as stated by IGN, and 3 disks? you have to be stupid to get it for 360

GiantEnemyCrab3213d ago (Edited 3213d ago )

It matters to fanboys only.

"you have to be stupid to get it for 360" and you would have to be stupid to listen to this guy if you own a 360.

frankymv3213d ago

DVD is ancient tech...TIME TO MOVE ON

SilentNegotiator3213d ago

However, the heavy compression that the 360 version STILL gets even with 3 discs, DOES.

va_bank3213d ago

It matters to people who have both systems, because they have a choice. If you only have a 360 or a PS3 - you'll get it for your system without thinking about it. Unless you want to prove to strangers on the the internet that 3 discs are just as good as one. But no one does that, right?

Immortal Kaim3213d ago

It only matters to fanboys. If you own a PS3, get it on PS3. If you only own a 360, get it on 360? It isn't complicated.

I honestly find it hilarious that the only people complaining are the ones who are buying it on PS3 anyway, who the f*ck cares how many disks it is on 360, we are playing it on PS3 anyway?

young juice3213d ago

its gonna matter when your 360 scratches it.

ActionBastard3213d ago

Reading people pretend it doesn't is funny though.

Anorexorcist3213d ago (Edited 3213d ago )

"All over the internet this was the hot topic and people commenting constantly about it. Why? This in no way affects the game."

This would actually be a very sound mentally, if we were all trapped in the year 1997.

How can the confirmations of compressed audio and video for the 360 version not be seen as "affects" on the game in association with the Xbox 360 version?

Oh I get such a strong, STRONG feeling that if this 3-disc situation was associated with the Playstation 3, these "Oh it shouldn't matter" feelings wouldn't be so prevalent and so sympathetic.

I think this is somewhat embarrassing for the integrity of the Xbox 360 console since it almost comes across as people saying: Oh leave the poor little Xbox 360 alone. It's trying its best and the three discs is the best result it could of gotten out of such a bad situation.

FlipMode3213d ago

Switching discs is a pain.

vhero3213d ago

If hard drive installation is a problem then multiple discs is. Neither is for me. However I am still getting superior PS3 version.

IdleLeeSiuLung3213d ago (Edited 3213d ago )

Doesn't matter to me, since I don't really play JRPG. I won't be buying it....

Now happy!!!

hazardman3213d ago

Stop being ignorant dude..The game will sell well on Xbox360..not everyone owns a PS3 and the game is not that great that you should buy a PS3 to play it.It's been getting mixed reviews.That being said my copy will be on the PS3 as I love the superior audio and the fact that it started development on the PS3 hardware to begin with..but I just didn't like that you hate on the 360fans dude..Be a GAMER not a HATER!!

Christopher3213d ago

It sure as heck does matter to SE who have to pay royalty fees on each disc.

Other than that, I think people should be concerned with the huge delay on the game and all for what may possibly be a lesser version on the 360 just so Microsoft can market their machine as having stolen away a franchise that never belonged to Sony in the first place. Oh, and don't give me the BS that Microsoft did this for the gamers, their mind is always first on profit through market domination.

hanzai3213d ago

they're only saying that because they knew sony went right when they chose bluray for their games.

dvd9 is showing age.

darthv723213d ago

and it still wouldnt matter to me. This thing is gonna be a collectors item I can feel it.

The popularity of the FF series is synonymous with PS and yet here we have a major FF game (besides 11) that is being released on a competitive platform. Sure there will be many more copies of it sold on ps3. That's what makes it worth so much more on 360.

It will become a rarity on 360 long before the ps3.

FamilyGuy3213d ago (Edited 3213d ago )

Games should be on specially made SD cards, even they're made in sizes higher than dl-dvd now. Card reading is so much faster and uses less energy too.

Anyways, who cares how many disc the 360 version is own MOST of us will be buying this for PS3 in the first place.

Genesis53213d ago

I love the people that say it wasn't a problem last gen. No it wasn't. But why do you want to use last gen technology when there is a new and better this gen technology.

EvilBlackCat3213d ago



The only ones complainig about disc swapping are .... guess who

(((((((((((((((((((((( DRUMS ))))))))))))))))))))))))

The Loyalist PS3DF !!!

Why in da fnck a disc swap is the most annoying thing in the video game industry?

Why in da h3ll are you guys complaining about it?

What do you die when you do it?

OMG! OMG! OMG! Its the end of da world!!!

SaberEdge3213d ago

Thank you very much for your concern, PS3 fanboys. I don't know what we would do if we didn't have you looking after us. We all know that you are constantly harping on this just because you care./s

tordavis3213d ago

Let's see, the 360 was released before Blu-Ray and HD-DVD were available on the market and these guys think that somewhere in the last 5 years Microsoft should have just changed their format to Blu-Ray? Doesn't make a lot of sense does it?

Rush3213d ago (Edited 3213d ago )

Yeah your so right guys changing discs is a major issue! I mean I went to my mates before to play some games. We turns on his PS3 and he still had uncharted 2 in the disc tray, so I removed uncharted 2 put it in its case and popped in tekken 6. Played that for about an hour then decided to have a quick play on Street fighter 4.

After that we decided to play some Army of two, to my dismay I had to actually remove the disc from the BluRay drive again pop it back in the case and insert Army of two.

At this point I really started to get pissed off having to change discs so much. Changing discs 3x in 2 hours really gets on top of a guy. I was like dude why do you even own a PS3 you have to change discs with a BluRay drive. Sell that and get a PC where play all your games without discs.


Seriously shut up being god dam hypocrites. You all spend 10x more time switching discs to play different games, then a 360 owner ever does for the like 3 percent of 360 games that need more then 1 disc.

Of course they don't make sense there fanboys

Rocket Sauce3213d ago (Edited 3213d ago )

You're telling me I'll have to get off my couch???


It's suicide time for me, I guess :(

infamous-butcher3213d ago

"And it won't matter when games are on 10 discs either. Lol people let too much things slide this gen."

Exactly!! What happens then?? Wheres the cut off point??
If 3/4 discs is acceptible then so is 5, 6, 7 ....... and so on. because it doesnt take that long to change a disc.
"thats 10 sec to change a disc, thats only 1min out of countless hours"
Thats BS and they know they wouldnt accept >4 discs.
Why in 2010 do they still accept 2??

JD_Shadow3213d ago

Apparently none of you guys remember Star Ocean on the 360, do you? In that sense, it SHOULD matter to non-fanboys (the switching discs to go back and do side quests)! I'm starting to believe some of you have selective memories.

And why is it that tordavis only answers anymore when he wants to defend 360 fanboys or attack PS3 fanboys over something like this, but he never seems to want to do the same for the other side? I'm just wondering, because he's being extremely inconsistent.

FarEastOrient3212d ago

So game data in comparison:

PS3 42 GB over one disc
Xbox 360 24 GB over three discs

Yes there is a big difference!

MorganX3212d ago

MS is going to have to address the lack of storage density. Storage requirements will grow, not shrink. I think they canhold off until the next gen though.

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Fishy Fingers3213d ago

3 Discs is better than no discs. I dont think anyone after FF who only owns a 360 would care about a little disc swapping. Sure it's easier to have it on one, but not everyone has that option. Dont know what the fuss is about, like usual.