Top E3 2010 Announcements

RespawnAction: "Here are the top announcements to come out of E3 2010. These aren't legitimate, not even rumors. Just wanted to point that out. This is more of a spoof and/or wishlist."

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NYC_Gamer3235d ago

Mass Effect franchise coming to ps3

respawnaction3235d ago

dude, you are right. I can't believe I forgot to put that. Lol, well thanks for adding. ;p

blitz06233234d ago

Agent trailer
Kingdom Hearts 3 announcement
Final Fantasy XIV for the 360

iamtehpwn3234d ago

- FFVII remake
- Kingdom Hearts 3
- Shenmue 3
- BattleToads HD

Narutone663234d ago

already going to be released on the PC, it's expected to also be available on the 360.

coolcole933234d ago

Killzone 3
New motion controller info/release date
Cross game chat annonced

All that's needed for my perfect E3 :)

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TheDudeAbides3235d ago (Edited 3235d ago )

some may be true,
- new Bungie multiplatform IP
- Infamous 2
- Mass Effect 2 on ps3 and confirmation on Mass Effect 3 being multiplatform day one
- GTA V teaser
- more Agent info (still PS3 only)
- Resistance 3 or Killzone 3 officialy announced
- new Xbox 360 first party AAA exclusive this fall, they have to come up with something, they're losing ground every day
- new Infinity Ward non-mw game
- some Hitman 5 info

respawnaction3235d ago

I was just going for some outrageous stuff. Lol, just as a joke. Those are some good realistic ones though. :)

Ausbo3235d ago

pc and xbox 360. they are not going to cut off microsoft from funding their next project just so they could sell another 500k games on ps3

iSynysteRx-3235d ago

Resistance 3 finally revealed, Possibly with a debut trailer? Would be nice.

showtimefolks3235d ago

buddy boy now after halo reach they are working on a new IP why should they cut them self off the money

pc,,xbox360 and ps3

get over it its old news,,bungie no longer has to make games only for aany console

Ausbo3233d ago

if they stayed with microsoft. The marketing alone is a good enough reason

showtimefolks3235d ago

resistance 3
uncharted 3
killzone 3
sly and cooper
jak and dexter
yakuza 4(us release if yakuza 3 sells even 500k which i hope it will)
new IP from LBP studio
modnation(i don't see this coming Q1 more like fall of 2010)
getaway 3
eight days
ape escape

sony has over 20 1st and 2nd party studios what are they all upto i know they make games for ps2,psp and ps3

but soon most of them will come over to ps3 and still support psp....(that's once ps2 stops selling which i don't see happening any time soon)

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The story is too old to be commented.