Rumor: "Before The Year Is Out, Mass Effect 2 Will Be On PS3"

GT: We have some big news for PS3 owners from an insider source who's name we can't reveal. The conversation was rather interesting but the information released was nothing short of astounding.

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Odion3087d ago

While very possible, this isn't even a legit rumor, you clearly just took recent Bioware news and added in the ME2 on PS3 to get some of the recent fever of the title coming to the PS3

N4PS3G3087d ago

very opportunistic rumor given the timing.. and seals it with the classic insider source who's name we can't reveal

games4thewin3087d ago

So all we've been hearing are rumors lately, this one from gamesthirst is the latest.

Now EA has "no comment" on these rumors... Something is going on folks....

But like I said.. I have the game for Xbox 360 and I'm enjoying every last drop!

By the time this comes out on PS3, it'll be stale.... Old wine haha

Immortal Kaim3087d ago

There is no hope for this place. This site has never posted a legitimate, news-worthy article, it consists entirely of flamebait, yet we believe their 'inside source'?

They are simply riding on the coattails of the other sites that actually looked into the claims (these sites looked at code etc), and have fabricated this story for hits. Sorry movements, you and your pathetic site have no integrity.

morganfell3087d ago (Edited 3087d ago )

I love how these insiders were given total credibility when they said MGS4 was coming to the 360. Even though Kojima denied it.

Now we have Ray Muzyka of Bioware saying they are working on a couple of titles for the PS3 and the insider has no credibility. Astounding.

young juice3087d ago

"By the time this comes out on PS3, it'll be stale.... Old wine haha"

doesnt wine get better with age.... probably not the best way to put that.

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Godmars2903087d ago

Bioshock 1 taking a year to get to the PS3 should be more than enough to prove the pointlessness of waiting to even announce the port, muchless taking all that time t get it out.

Gobstoper3087d ago

I dont have a xbox or a good pc so Id get it if it came to ps3.

Godmars2903086d ago

More to the point will anyone else who only has a PC or PC/PS3? Will EA make any actual money, or will they complain about the change they'll be picking up after waiting to put it out.

Its the difference between how Bioshock sold on 360/PS3, and Modern Warfare 2.

games4thewin3087d ago

Wow, While I believe the rumor, I'll enjoy Mass Effect 2 my 360 thank you.

I've been enjoying for days now!! HAha!

spongeboob3087d ago

If the PS3 is garbage then the Xbox360 is what the PS3 throws away. BTW welcome to my ignore list loser.

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The story is too old to be commented.