PS3 code also featured in Xbox 360 version of Mass Effect 2

PS Uni writes: "We can also reveal here at PlayStation University that there's also sections of code in the Xbox 360 version of the game (within the ini file) that reference the PS3."

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DlocDaBudSmoka3209d ago

another M$'exclusive' bites the dust. and another one gone and another one gone, another one bites the dust. SC:C we're gonna get you too, another one bites the dust.

BreakNeckSpeed3209d ago

I'm cumming... ughh...awwwwh.. FUUUUU

Jamegohanssj53209d ago (Edited 3209d ago )

I guess everyone who wants to play the game can be happy now.


HighDefinition3209d ago

I own ME for my 360, I`ve been holding of on buying ME2 for my 360 because I`d rather play it on PS3 (since I like my PS3 more)

Anyway, looks like it coming to PS3 which is great for PS3 only people. I just hope they put both games on 1 disc. Hopefully they fix some of the problems in the 1st before they put it out (if they re-release ME1).

Anon19743209d ago

I mentioned this in one of the other threads, by default the Unreal Engine has PS3 code included by default. Finding a reference to the PS3 in the settings could just easily be leftover, redundant code that they didn't do anything with.

However, I personally think it's only a matter of time until ME comes to the PS3, given Bioware is more than capable of making games for the PS3 and given EA's love of all things multiconsole. Bioware made ME before EA when their resources were a little more limited. I remember talking to a Bioware guy regarding the EA buyout and he was pretty excited about the added resources that EA brought to the table. It very possible the only reason we didn't see ME already on the PS3 was a resources issue. The other possibility is that it could be an agreement issue with Microsoft, but I see no reason why both Bioware and EA wouldn't jump at the chance to open up Mass Effect to a new market.

Kain813209d ago

"Some have said that this may be left over code from the multiplatform Unreal Engine 3, but the above is definitely game code and not engine code (though you might like to believe it, Paragon and Talent Points are not part of UE3)."

NewZealander3209d ago

it probably will come to ps3, its EA after all.

if MS was smart they would have bought bioware back when they planned mass effect to be a trilogy, i bet they are kicking themselves now.

Anon19743209d ago (Edited 3209d ago )

I didn't actually look at the web page. I assumed it looked the same as the PS3 code I saw from the first Mass Effect. My bad!

Those type of variables certainly aren't default code. Those variables are named on purpose. That's a pretty big clue.

It's funny because I'm currently in my Unreal Development class right now and should be creating new mutators, not talking about PS3 code. :)

Back to work for me!

Greywulf3209d ago

This is going to be hilarious. Since ME2 is allegedly the BEST GAME EVER CREATED.


Wonder how they are going to knock the PS3 version...

No online?

Tinted Eyes3209d ago

But when I saw this line:

"m_srSpendTalentPointsMe ssagePS3=348755
m_srParagonRenegadeMessagePS3 =153007"

I gotta say, I'm a believer as well.

A Cupcake for Gabe3209d ago (Edited 3209d ago )

You have your "O"-face on?

gaffyh3209d ago

Lack of foresight.

Don't be surprised if Splinter Cell comes to PS3 a few months later too. 3rd party exclusivity is extremely rare, and Splinter Cell has appeared on PlayStation formats before, so I don't see why they would completely cut off part of their fanbase.

SilentNegotiator3209d ago

The Mass Effect Trilogy on PS3 is inevitable. Third party Xbox software rarely stays exclusive.

Christopher3209d ago

I hope people understand that there is default UI code from the UnrealEngine. This could mean they just didn't remove it or that they worked on a PS3 version already as well. Wouldn't get my hopes up, though.

Oh, and article writer, big arse DUH! that the 360 code has the PS3 references and PC references since the PC has all 3 as well.

The Lazy One3209d ago

Is that microsoft would let exclusivity slip in a contract with Bioware.

Still think M$ should have bought bioware. They're one of the few developers that's pretty much guaranteed to make money.

we won3209d ago (Edited 3209d ago )

I doubt BioWare and EA would make a game for PS3 over an year later when they know when devs do this games sell more poorly than PS3 exclusives. If this jibberish holds any water it's probably engine related and not specific games.

I know ME2 is a Blockbuster AAA PS3 fans need to be involved in but this is just the first game for the 360. Are you guys going to do this with every AAA 360 console exclusive game this year? (IT'S COMING TO PS3)

But again the PS3 crowd tends to do this when the PS3 lacks games for the year.

aceitman3209d ago

this is the same thing they found on bioshock and look at what happened ps3 bioshock and they said it will never happen :>

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El_Colombiano3209d ago

I have a question for you guys to think over and comment on:

Why is it that all third party exclusives are always timed when it comes to the Xbox? It's down right lying to the consumers if you ask me.

NYC_Gamer3209d ago

because MS doesnt have strong first party they have to lie about things being exclusive

pippoppow3209d ago

One problem I have this gen.

I find Devs lies disrespectful. Ms must be doling out the cash to shut up devs which makes them side with money over fans. A game being a timed exclusive is not a big deal, it's lying about it. Rockstar, Bethesda, 2K, and SE should be kept an eye on and not to be blindly trusted.

GiantEnemyCrab3209d ago (Edited 3209d ago )

Here's one to ponder.. Why does it matter?

360 owners get to play the game. It seems to me it's for the fanboys more than anything.. I find it funny how it's now considered an exclusive when everyone goes out of there way making sure to point that it's multi platform.

I just think third parties are taking the piss out of single platform development. Just like FF14 now looking like it's coming to the 360 as probably will games like Versus and Agent..

heroicjanitor3209d ago

Microsoft aren't helping 360 owners by doing this... They are just delaying ps3 games with money that could have been put towards making games, keeping ensemble open, bringing new firmware features etc... Sony are doing things the right way, they are making games with their money.

Lavalamp3209d ago (Edited 3209d ago )

Actually, Bioware never lied. They just never told the truth either. Whenever they were asked about a PS3 version they would either respond with "No comment," "We're not talking about that right now," or "We are only talking about the Xbox 360 and PC at this time." When I watched their response to the same question on Gametrailers TV I was instantly convinced that this would happen.

NewZealander3209d ago

it is lying, and it sucks, they even lied about the GTA DLC that they paid all that cash for, its a cheap and nasty way of claiming they have exclusive games.

whats next MS? i can see splinter cell being timed too, and if mass effect is coming to ps3 why wont EA just man up and tell people, its not like MS has any right to the IP.

pippoppow3209d ago

Well, it's false advertising and misleading.

A gamer who has a platform/s that doesn't have a much wanted game may feel like he/she may have to buy another platform to play a game. Then that game finally comes to their favored platform. It's not right.

MS' 360 has lost how many so called exclusives this same gen?

Now ME looks like it may show up on the PS3. Gamers that may prefer the PS3 may have bought a 360 or buy the game for it, maybe buy it for the PC or upgrade their PC to play the game. Now Bioware has "no comment" about a PS3 port. If it comes out later it means they lied. I know some think anything falling under the umbrella of business is fair game but that is nonsense. Lying is not acceptable and not every business is run without ethics.

Unfortunately gamers, especially console gamers allow themselves to get run over. State if a game is timed exclusive or not is all most gamers would like.

kingdavid3209d ago (Edited 3209d ago )


That is blatantly not true. Theyve said on the bioware forums multiple times that mass effect will only ever be available on 360 and pc.

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ThaGeNeCySt3209d ago

SMH @ Microsoft

I'm a huge 360 supporter but how can I argue when these exclusives keep getting lost lol

nskinnear3209d ago

It seems like no third party title is safe this gen...