Wii Tops Namco Bandai Sales

Andriasang: Ben 10 series outsells everything, but Japan still tops overall software sales.

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reintype3116d ago (Edited 3116d ago )

Though I didn't buy it, I'm still kinda shocked to see how little it sold, considering all previous iterations were multi-million sellers.
But then again, only 1 of my friend even bought it, and we played the hell out of the past Tekken offerings.

Just goes to show you how disappointed all of us were with Tekken 6. Probably, the worst Tekken after the atrocious turd that is 4 (Wind Godfist juggles only on CH, you've got to be kidding me!).

The latest version is so juggle-happy, that the first one to get his opponent in the air, usually wins. Not only that, most characters juggle combos, damages more than half the life bar. And god forbid, you get driven to the wall after that.

On another note, Namco Bandai better announce a localise version of Tales of Vesperia PS3 later this year. If not, then they are one of the dumbest company this gen, alongside SE.