Microsoft Confirms Game Room Rating Ceiling

Last week it was rumored that Microsoft's Xbox 360 and PC Game Room would "never feature" titles with an ESRB rating higher than E10+; today Microsoft confirmed to Joystiq the current plan is to only add titles that correspond to the application's ESRB rating. Rather than submit each individual title for review, Microsoft has opted to submit the Game Room application to the ESRB, netting it an E10+ rating, ensuring higher-rated titles would not see life in the virtual arcade.

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ActionBastard2939d ago

You 360 owners are in for...exactly what you have in XBLA except no ESRB cap.

GiantEnemyCrab2939d ago

So does this mean no games like Contra? And more games like Pac Man?

What's even the point of having parental controls on the 360 when MS is going to do the policing for you before you even get a chance?

As if I needed another reason to hate this..