Star Trek Online launches to 1M users, Klingon and Ferengi characters cost extra

Star Trek Online officially launched today in the US with a massive patch, and while the character customization options seem quite endless – if you plan on being a Federation Ferengi or Klingon it will cost you a bit extra.

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Elven62872d ago

Star Trek Online is great! Those epic space battles with 20 plus Federation ships vs. 50+ enemy ships is super fun. The landing party missions are great as well, I really hope STO is able to keep this momentum growing, it always sucks seeing a MMO game go from millions of users to on the ropes.

DirtyLary2872d ago

I find it funny. Gene Roddenberry's vision of Star Trek was one of tolerance, peace and learning. This game is all straight up killing. Gene's rolling in his grave.

But then again, you can't have an MMO just about collecting plant samples.

Elven62872d ago

There are some diplomatic missions as well, the only reason there is killing is because the factions are at war with each other. In the original Star Trek it was alluded to that war could begin at any moment between the groups.

Plus, red shirts get killed in almost every episode, sometimes in gruesome ways, I'm sure Roddenberry would have anticipated violence in his universe. :P

DirtyLary2872d ago

So give me a quick overview of the PVP. tia

lucifon2872d ago

For reference this is 1 million forum accounts, not subs.

mushroomwig2872d ago

I can see this really growing over the next couple of's really exciting!

Lou Ferrigno2872d ago

im debating wether or not to grab this,it looks amazing and it would be my first MMO experience .. (WOW sucked balls).. and since im a fairly big fan of star trek it helps to decide some what. (grew up watching it) .

anyone know if this game is worth it?

Elven62872d ago

Definitely worth it! If you are a Star Trek fan you will especially appreciate it for all the subtle references to past events, characters, etc.

lucifon2872d ago

Go read forums and see what people think. You'll see the majority have a similar opinion.

moe842872d ago (Edited 2872d ago )

If you're a die-hard Trek fan, you'll be disappointed in this game. If not, you'll probably like it. To put it simply, the game is boring. More than 1/2 of the missions are go here, scan this and leave. Space combat is good, and looks great. Once you've beamed down to a station or planet the graphics go to hell. Character animations fail miserably, and the a.i is complete sh!t. Sure, a few backdrops on some planets look really good, but they're few and far between. Sector space "warp" feels like you're crawling and was done cheaply. Lets not get into ship class placement, and how off Cryptic is.

Hard to even consider ST:O an mmo. There isn't much of a push to interact with other players. The game should be more single player, with the option to go LAN/online for increased difficulty.

...flame on...

On topic, having to pay extra to be a "race" you should have gotten from the beginning.. you know, for free is crap. There are countless Klingons in the Federation, but Crypic/Atari feels the need to charge you for it. You pay for a game/sub fees, things like this should be given. Give us a free-to-play mmo, and by all means charge us.

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