Game Podunk's What If: Aerith Never Died by Sephiroth's Blade?

When playing one of your favorite games, have you ever wondered about what may have happened if things didn't go the way they did? Maybe you never gave a thought to these questions until now.

Game Podunk introduces a new editorial series, "What If," where Podunk editors will try to envision different outcomes to the questions gamers ask. Chances are that these scenarios are far-fetched, but in a video game world, anything is possible. So sit and enjoy some of the answers to: "What If: Aerith Never Died by Sephiroth's Blade?"

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Handhelds_FTW3091d ago

Then all my time and Gil spent on her wouldn't have gone to waist.

Bodyboarder_VGamer3091d ago

Aerith has really bad hair style, Tifa FTW!

TheLiztress3091d ago

I wonder how they would have gotten rid of the Geostigma in Advent Children if she survived.

skygear753091d ago

I like the option where she becomes the ultimate villain.

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