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White Knight Chronicles is latest RPG to come from famed RPG developer, Level-5. After garnering great success on the PS2 with the Dark Cloud series and Rogue Galaxy, they ventured off into different series like Dragon Quest and their hit PSP strategy-RPG, Jeanne D'Arc. Setting higher standards for other RPG developers to reach, Level-5 continues to grow and innovate. White Knight Chronicles is their latest RPG, and, like previous efforts, it offers some unique ideas and gameplay concepts. Finally, after waiting for nearly five years, we'll be graced with the honor of serving this knight.

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-Alpha3208d ago (Edited 3208d ago )

AA score seems just about right. It looks like a solid game-- but this game is nowhere near the Dark Cloud series. I don't know why Level 5 decided to go with this instead. I am sure it's fun, and I'll pick it up, but I hope they bring Dark Cloud 3.

I haven't been following the game too much just because it's not as interesting as the world of Dark Cloud, but Level 5 is still Level 5 and they do good RPGs.

SoapShoes3208d ago (Edited 3208d ago )

Just no... You can't go saying a series that you played is more interesting than a game you haven't played. The reason Dark Cloud was more interesting to you is because you actually put the effort into playing it and if you haven't played either then you are fool.

AKNAA3208d ago

This game looks better than anything square enix has released so far this gen...

-Alpha3208d ago (Edited 3208d ago )

That's not what I'm saying-- I'm more interested in the world of Dark Cloud not because I played it, but because I find the world engaging.

The world of WKC doesn't interest me as much-- I'm not saying one is better than the other-- your right, I haven't played it. You misunderstood me, or likely I wasn't clear: I don't like the idea of playing as a knight, and I find the world of WKC to be "okay" compared to the unique world of Dark Cloud. I don't have to play both games to figure that out much like you don't have to play a game of Uncharted 2 to see that it has great animation.

I enjoyed DC's world, but I'm not as interested in the premises of WKC. As a Level 5 fan, I'm just upset DC3 hasn't been announced.

That's all I was trying to say.

damnightmare3208d ago

I agree, the Dark Cloud series is more appealing to me then White Knight Chronicles.

I will pick this up if I can, RPG starvation hurts =\

Hopefully they look at bringing Dark Cloud 3 to fruition though. Level 5 is working on a few games for the DS and then White Knight Chronicles 2 already. So I doubt we'll see it for a long time either way. Sigh

FamilyGuy3208d ago

Wow, I knew they made Dark Cloud but had no idea they made Jeanne D'Arc too, that game was fantastic!

Honestly I'd have preferred another dark cloud game over this but hopefully I'll be pleasantly surprised when my copy of WKC arrive in the mail.

Pennywise3208d ago

Thats all alphaboy does... talk about games he hasnt played. Wouldnt be shocked to hear he doesnt have a ps3.

-Alpha3208d ago (Edited 3208d ago )

Did you not read what I wrote or do you just defensively assume everybody who doesn't live in your PS3-sheep obedient world doesn't own a PS3?

If you are going to be willfully ignorant then go ahead but please try to comprehend what I write before your preconceived notions cloud your judgment. I'm so sick and tired of people assuming that just because I say some things that aren't pro-PS3 that I automatically hate it or don't own one. How would you like to step up and eat your own words? Send me your PSN ID and I'll add you. Or do you just like convincing yourself that anyone who doesn't think the same thoughts as you is a troll?

I don't have to had played WKC to see that the game world doesn't interest me, and in comparison to the rich and unique world of DC2, WKC doesn't interest me as much. I have eyes. I can see when a game looks interesting. The game is out in Japan. I can see tons of videos and compare them to DC2. I didn't say WKC sucked or looks terrible, I just said that DC series is something I prefer over WKC series from Level 5.

I don't have to hype and love every PS3 game just because it's an exclusive like you expect me to, I actually have my own thoughts and own tastes. Shocking, isn't it?

Redempteur3208d ago (Edited 3208d ago )

dark cloud dark cloud dark cloud

YEs thank i understand already you loved dark cloud ..but develloppers have the right to start another franchise , another world another game !

Does nippon ichi does only disgaea ? no they do plenty of other projects
DOes GUST only produce Atelier games ? No they created several new ip the last 5 years ..
Does square enix only doing final fantasy ? No they did plenty of games ..

Level 5 is no différent ..

it's like disliking uncharted because it isn't jak and daxter ..

Please let dark cloud rest until they find the passion to make another game ..

The biggest crime this game has even before you tried it is that it isn't dark cloud 3 ...

kingdavid3208d ago (Edited 3208d ago )

dont listen to these clowns alpha male.

90% of the people on this site are trolls. Seriously, after all the things people say on this site you all pick on him cos hes comparing 2 games and expressing his opinion.

Go find a "bot" to pick on.

Redempteur3208d ago

i believe White knight is a solid game ..just like he says but when the only reason he doesn't like it he that it's not another game well that's kinda ridiculous ...

ButterToast3208d ago

I really hate that the only thing I hear from level-5 fans is "give me dark cloud." I would much rather a developer work on new games/IPs rather than get stuck in a rut making the same game over and over, just updating the graphics.

As for me, i think level-5 always makes a solid RPG, the world, characters and story in their games on the other hand always tends to be on the bland side though with maybe the exception of Rouge Galaxy. usually they have a really deep item creation system to work with and i doubt it's any different here.

sikbeta3208d ago

Awesome, I wasn't expecting a 10/10 for this game, so I'm OK with this Review, this Game was Already in My List For Long Time

testerg353208d ago

Penny, may I ask why you're not yelling at PS3 fans when they comment on articles about why a PS3 exclusive doesn't deserve a low score even though they've never played it?

baum3208d ago

Pennywise is the only voice of reason in this thread.


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Hakimy3208d ago

I too wish for Dark Cloud 3,but do you think it will do great this gen? somehow I feel that reviewers and many people aren't that interested in jrpgs like they used to be ;)

Bodyboarder_VGamer3208d ago

Make sure you're happy with your avatar because to edit it you'll need to pay $5 and if you don't wanna pay then you'll have to start the game from the beginning. =(

Homicide3208d ago

"For those of you who are going to be investing significant time in your characters, there will be an option to remake them without having to start the game over by purchasing a special key through the PlayStation Store for only $4.99. This will allow you to redesign your avatar at any point and keep all that hard work you’ve put in intact. This feature will go live this Thursday on the PlayStation Store."


And you can only redesign your character once. After that, you have repurchase the ticket. Rip-off.

Myst3208d ago

Thanks Homicide +bubbles+

Looks like the hour that I was going to spend on my character has been increased to at least two hours and maybe an extra thirty minutes just to check and make sure everything is right. Yeah I'd say it's a rip-off, they should at least give us one freebie or not have us pay at all. Oh well though I don't expect people to change their avatars that much though not as much as I would.

Sucks that Georama has stuff you have to pay, hopefully if done right it could be similar to LittleBigPlanet's method as long as they keep the prices right. So far I don't think they are doing it right by having someone pay 5.99 for a re-design of their persona, but only time will tell I suppose.

Homicide3208d ago

LOL yeah. My first day on WKC will be spent on creating my avatar and making sure I like it. I'm going to create a female avatar. Everything is funner as a chick.

ThanatosDMC3208d ago

$5 to configure your character?! That's F-up but i guess it's fine as long as you make your ideal character.

Redempteur3208d ago

RE-configure ..

NOthing unusual character doesn't change in other game ... and this is the same service you have in mmos ..

NOthing unusual

ButterToast3208d ago

you also get a lot of free stuff from boys :P

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Homicide3208d ago

"The story found in White Knight Chronicles a bit slow starting off. In the first ten hours of gameplay, you'll notice that the story hardly develops at all. The story doesn't really feel like it's moving or interesting until you reach the halfway point. Once things do finally pick-up, the game does return to being lackluster soon after."

I said it many times: the story in WKC is awful.

trane073208d ago (Edited 3208d ago )

In almost every damn WKC article you're up in it screaming how mediocre and god awful the game will be, even despite scores that SO FAR seem to state the contrary.

Some of you fanboys just need to quit it. seriously.

Nakiro3208d ago

Cause you played it and you would know? That's like taking a blind man's opinion on how a picture looks.

ThanatosDMC3208d ago

He might have. A lot of people here on N4G actually do imports. I'm waiting for the game to come out and see what credible people on N4G will say about the game.

ButterToast3208d ago

I wouldn't doubt it. level-5 has never written the best stories. Jeanne D'arc is put together pretty well, but the story was practically written for them and it's still very cliche. in most level-5 rpgs i find the emphasis to be on dungeon crawling, exploration, and item creation, not the story.

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Perhaps I will determine that for myself.Perhaps you are right or perhaps your 'awful' isn't my awful.
In any case,I can't wait to try this.
It isn't Dark cloud therefore it cannot be great....thats the reasoning or lack thereof?
Thnx for coming out....again.Didn't we do this last week with MAG?...
Strangely familiar scene.

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