The Last Guardian-New Images

Team ICO and Sony has released some awesome looking new images of the Last Guardian. A official website has also been revealed, although its in Japanese.

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TheDudeAbides2845d ago

to get this game in my hands and feel awesome for having it

OmarJA-N4G2845d ago

This is easily my GOTY 2010.

Hakimy2845d ago

art in consoles is getting back in 2010!! (if it will get released in 2010,hopefully) ;)

jalen2472845d ago

It must be really pushing the PS3 to render that creature. You can see all the individually rendered strands of hair.

I also read somewhere that the features are rendered individually and will react dynamically with the wind because of their new physics engine.

After they finish making this game. I want them to use this engine and remake Shadow of the Colossus and add new Colossi to fight in addition to the original ones.