White Knight Chronicles Ships Today

Cristian Cardona on Playstation Blog writes: "You'd think this day couldn't come soon enough, and here it is! Today, White Knight Chronicles is officially shipping in the US and we'd like to mark this occasion with a brand new launch trailer"

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Homicide3032d ago (Edited 3032d ago )

"there will be an option to remake them without having to start the game over by purchasing a special key through the PlayStation Store for only $4.99. This will allow you to redesign your avatar at any point and keep all that hard work you’ve put in intact."

WTF is this? Lame! And apparently you can only redesign once. After that, you have repurchase the ticket. RIP-OFF CONFIRMED!!

Bodyboarder_VGamer3032d ago (Edited 3032d ago )

It is just me or you don't know how to read and comprehend?

To redesign for free you'll need to start from the beginning. That's why it says: "there will be an option to remake them without having to start the game over". So that means that you can redesign for free as many times as you want but you'll need to start the game from the beginning.

Blackcanary3032d ago

You spoke about that in ur comment on the review article.

So what if u have to pay big deal.

You stated your self that you will spend time making a perfect avatar.

Redempteur3032d ago

what rip-off ??

just create your character and be sure of your choice ...

i already know what kind of character i want to do so i won't get this but it help some people ..

And this is the same service you have in numerous mmos ...

Myst3032d ago

Sucks that it ships today instead of arriving today. Was kind of hoping to play it some today since my latest class got canceled, but oh well. In the very near future I hope release dates will be seen as dates in which you actually can get or will get the game.

hatchimatchi3032d ago

it's wednesday morning where i live. I looked for the game yesterday but couldn't find it. Hopefully by the end of the week my local shop will get it in. I really wanna try this game out.