Digital Chumps: Dante's Inferno Review

Players control Dante, a skilled warrior who participated in the violence that were the Crusades around the twelfth century. Before embarking on the violent, sin-filled Crusades, Dante and his love, Beatrice, made a pact that he was to remain faithful to her while he was away. As a symbol of their love and the pact, she gives him a metal Holy Cross that he keeps at his side. Meanwhile, a bishop had promised Dante and all who were going into battle for the Crusades that all sins would be absolved, and so Dante and his fellow warriors committed a variety of atrocious acts in what they thought was the name of God.

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-Alpha3118d ago (Edited 3118d ago )

Didn't expect something close to AAA.

Anyways it looks like a pretty solid game.

Isn't it by the same guys who made Dead Space?

I hate how this game keeps getting compared to God of War as if God of War is the first and only game to be had. I understand that it borrows heavily from GoW but is that a bad thing? Who wouldn't want to emulate the success of that game?

Nobody has a problem with all the GTA clones because some of them are actually pretty good. True Crime, Saints Row, etc. Do those games come close to the high quality of GTA? No. But does it mean that's it automatically bad? No.

People are quick to call it a rip off (despite not having played it) and in comparison to God of War 3 (which people have also not played completely) it's bound to look inferior. But calling it a rip-off doesn't mean the game is bad. That would be very close-minded of gamers. If it's inferior to a great game like GoW then it certainly entails that DI is at least a "good" game. And since when are good games bad?

unrealgamer583118d ago

had alot on you're mind? lol

on topic : thank the heavens for gamefly

jalen2473118d ago

I expect scores in this range and slightly higher based off my experience with the demo.