PSN Store Update: 04/02/10

How's this for a 'heads up', eh? Four days early, here's what's coming to the European PSN this week…

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WildArmed3237d ago

OMG.. BEST update since last year!

HR demo
BFBC2 demo..
AvP demo
man that is badass

Oh and welcome to Eu FF8.
I bet you had a nice stay in US ^^

blitz06233237d ago

ok I need to make a EU account

ZombieNinjaPanda3237d ago

Glad I have a Euro Main also :)

Rush3237d ago

Sod everything else Finally I can get my hands on Final Fantasy 8 again I have waited for like over a month from the American release now.

Can wait I finished with FF7 on the PSN a few months ago now.

Beast_Master3237d ago

I am pretty sure the US is getting the demos as well. BC2 came out on Live last week so it has to be here this week. AvP comes out next week so it has to be released this week. and Lastly HR is confirmed to be the english version demo so I bet we get all 3 here in the US as well.

SilentNegotiator3237d ago

"Free Soul Pack
Small Soul Pack
Medium Soul Pack
Large Soul Pack"

They're seriously trying this system from Mafia 2 again? Did people seriously BUY the in-game money instead of just PLAYING THE FREAKING GAME?

Noctis Aftermath3237d ago

Now that FF8 is out that means FF9 is next.

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Nitrowolf23237d ago (Edited 3237d ago )

isnt the HR demo due out on the 11th? if this is true then yay earlir then expected
But OMG 3 demos for 3 games i am interested in

Hanif-8763237d ago (Edited 3237d ago )

They could of released AvP last week and i really wish that they did :-( I'll be busy with Heavy Rain for a while, then its all about BFBC2 which is my most anticipated FPS this year and its also the best :-)

StarScream4Ever3237d ago

OMG!!!... *BLUAHHH* *Chest burst* "Oh Hai." LOL

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The story is too old to be commented.