Dante's Inferno will see "a lot of post-release content"

TVGB: "Though Dead Space developer Visceral Games unleashes their latest, quite literally hellish creation, Dante's Inferno, upon the gaming masses early next week, the team is having trouble putting the poem down. That's because they're working on expanding and extending the fiction of Dante Alighieri's famous first canto with downloadable content that's "more than just items and skins," according to executive producer and creative director Jonathan Knight."

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WildArmed3157d ago

fully some of it free :)
Since it is EA i wouldn't be surprised if they put up DLC for all weapons and combo unlocks for 6 bucks

dorron3156d ago (Edited 3156d ago )

It better be free.

Seems to me, after hearing the game's 6 hours long (extremely short for a 70€ game), that it will be content that was previously planned to be part of the game and taken apart to be sold as DLC.

This practices mus stop! DLC is the cancer of this gen.