God of War III - New scans

9 pages article scanned from the february issue of the french Official PlayStation Magazine.

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GrandDragon3157d ago

The graphics are on par with FF13, they have done a great job.

I think this the most you can get out of the PS3. We will have to wait for FF13V to see what more SE can deliver.

Ghostsmoker3157d ago

Talking about visuals I think GOW3 looks much better than FF13. IMO best PS3-graphics.

Endless_X3157d ago

IMO these two games are not comparable graphically (different genres and such)

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offwhiteazn3157d ago

why are you talking about FF on a god of war post? buzz off.

mt3157d ago

that must be a joke right ?
or you can't tell what is CJ and what is actual gameplay !!

Drakes_Fortune3157d ago

Hes just comparing with FF13 cause these 2 are some of the best looking games coming out this year. So far, FFXIII is still more impressive, but we havent seen much of GoW3.

Anyone that says that GOW3 graphics are far better than FFXIII should stop saying bull**** cause you havent even played FFXIII. Everyone that played it, consider it one, if not the most visually impressive title till this day. Even more than Uncharted 2.

And lets not forget GoW3 uses a fixed camera wich makes everything easier. In games with controlable camera they have to polish everything very well, cause its easier to notice the flaws.

And GOW3 is a 15hours games, FFXIII is a 60 hours one, just for the story.

deafwing3157d ago

... I've finished FF XIII import already and I have to say, that usual, the cutscenes are flicking mind blowing but the way this game takes advantage of in-game graphics is something to look out for. FF XIII looks good but the design is done, and executed in a different way.

offwhiteazn3157d ago (Edited 3157d ago )

"Anyone that says that GOW3 graphics are far better than FFXIII should stop saying bull**** cause you havent even played FFXIII."
you haven't played god of war either so shut up. don't give me bull saying you played the demo either.
everyone who saw footage of the current build of god of war say it looks better than uncharted. i'm not saying it does, but no one has said that about FFXIII. just saying.

Raf1k13157d ago

You don't need to have play a game to know what it's like visually since anyone can see HD gameplay footage and screenshots.

Also, I've seen the open enironments in FFXIII and they're not great. There's a hell of a lot of space with nothing in it.
It's a very pretty game in smaller maps but has nothing on U2.

FamilyGuy3157d ago

They're all very beautiful games and as a PS3 owner who plans to own them all I see no reason why these titles need to fight it out for graphics/visuals king. They are all very different anyways.

And this is coming from a self-proclaimed "graphics whore".

Socrates3157d ago

The art direction of the game is fantastic, but technically the game isn't especially impressive.

Rainstorm813157d ago

We haven't seen anything yet. Cant you at least wait until feb 11th when the trailer is released. For the most part all we have seen is screenshots and a E309 Demo.

For God's Sake Man these are just scans!

@Socrates Drakess and GreenRing

Christopher3157d ago (Edited 3157d ago )

I hope that's sarcasm. No one has said any such thing about FFXII.


Kratos has nothing to fear from the competition. It will literally crush them.

More Epic Than Darksiders
Darksiders is close to God of War when it comes to action. But Kratos would win with more impressive moves. Similarly, camera position will improve the fights with its zooming and camera movements.

More Immersive Than Bayonetta
In Bayonetta, the misadventures of the witch are never taken seriously. And, to be honest, the player doesn't care. And the removal of the complex does not enhance immersion. Conversely, God of War 3, Kratos' diehard quest should literally fascinate.

More Furious Than Dante's Inferno
Dante's Inferno does not have the same frenzy, the same rage that God of War 3. [God of War 3] is marked not only by its radical violence, but also by the extraordinary charisma of Kratos, badass hero bar none, which, admittedly, literally [pushes/sinks?] Dante's blade.

Sorry, best I can do.

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Endless_X3157d ago

I came here expecting some comments about God of War, oh well.

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Ghostsmoker3157d ago

Really, go to hell and try if you can catch up with Dante.

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Dtoxz3157d ago

You probably aren't even a gamer. You're one of those little kids of XBL that everyone mutes as soon as you get in the lobby. What did your mommy slap you for cursing so you felt the need to be all wanna be badass here?

No need to answer. I'll ask her tonight. BTW she said be in bed at 9.

you're a douche, everyone knows it.
GOW3 will be a great game, everyone knows it.
you and MetalGearRising should go kill yourselves, everyone wishes it.

NateNater3157d ago (Edited 3157d ago )

[email protected] is MGR. Don't you know that by now? Just look at his comment history and style.

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Hakimy3157d ago

Too bad the pages aren't in english or it would have been a great read ;)

Off topic: when I saw cerberus something came to my mind which sounded like "wof wof kon,wof wof kon" (only people who watched One Piece and the thriller bark arc might get this) XD

deafwing3157d ago

... but yea I know what you mean ... he made that thing cower in fear. LOL

badz1493157d ago

come on dude...with Brooke and everything, no way it's stupid! funny and awesome stuff all the way! it's just kinda lame that Moria is not dead!

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