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MAG certainly isn't a game for everyone, but its handling of massive online engagements with little lag is something all first-person shooter fans should experience. Add to that the myriad of upgrades and command positions and you have a fun little time-killer for strategy gamers. What would have pushed this game past average is a bit more attention to the look of the game and lot more time spent explaining how those constant battles you fight impact this persistent shadow war.

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maniacmayhem3122d ago

Kotaku likes this game?

Doesn't Kotaku hate Sony? As reported by N4g ;-)

-Alpha3121d ago (Edited 3121d ago )

They had likes and dislikes like any other player.

Seems right in line with most other reviews.

I wonder if anybody is going to have a problem with what they hated.

I find that a lot of MAG reviews that criticize the game get bashed for not playing the game right or not understanding the mechanics.

Bodyboarder_VGamer3121d ago

They have to hide their true intentions somehow. ;)

callahan093121d ago

I think it's a good review.

I think their criticisms are much more fair than others.

I think the PMC thing is really unique to gaming and creates a sense of unity and rivalry amongst players that I've never seen before, so I think they pulled off something special there, but at the same time the specific criticism that Kotaku levies against the PMC system, namely that as new players pick up the game they will be prone to selecting whichever PMC seems to be winning the shadow war which could potentially create an imbalance.

The "instruction-free zone" complaint is also perfectly reasonable, and it's really not that big of an issue. Does it deserve to be a comment in their review, posted in red under the "hated" section? Absolutely. But it's hardly a big deal. It's just something people should be aware of, that there is certainly a period of adjustment before you really understand how this game works. But the knowledge comes, and it's also part of what makes the game so addictive, how you're constantly improving your abilities, your understanding of the game, your skills and your strategy.

About the "floating dead" criticism, well, I must say I haven't experienced that or noticed it. I'm sure it's there if they said it's there, but there's so few water areas in the game anyway that I highly doubt it's effected many players. It's hardly a game-breaking issue, just a bug that will probably be fixed with the next patch anyway, so it's no big deal, but worth mentioning so that Zipper becomes aware of it, to fix it, and players become aware of it to avoid the water (which is really easy to do because water is rare in this game anyway, and the areas I have encountered water are in more remote corners of the map).

However, I will say that their first complaint about server downtime seems a tad over-the-top. They complained about the 1 hour of downtime around midnight on launch date? Well, first of all, they say that it was "unannounced downtime" when in fact it was announced the day before the game came out that it was going to happen. And the only other downtime they mentioned apparently lasted 10 minutes at some random time during the week? I didn't experience that downtime... Not saying it didn't happen, but given how reliable the connections for this game have been despite having to provide support for 256 simultaneous players per match is remarkable, and they didn't even give it a positive comment for how good the connections are, and instead give it a negative comment for a single 10-minute downtime that probably very few people experienced? Seems like they were grasping at straws on that one. What online game can you think of that has never had connection issues? This game has had an unprecedented level of stability for an online game's launch and given the massive scope of the online matches that's all the more impressive. So I can't say that I agree with that one.

But all in all, this is one of the best reviews I've seen for the game. It's very fair for the most part, and the positives do a good job of highlighting the things about this game that make it great.

callahan093121d ago

Why can't I say anything in any MAG review article without getting phantom disagrees? What is it this time?

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NateNater3121d ago

MAG is an awesome experience. This review is correct. No communication = Death.

And please everyone get some microphones!!! They are an absolute necessity for this game and they make the experience much better!

StarScream4Ever3121d ago

Ya you must definitely need a mic. Though I wish they bundled a mic with in instead of charging a full price for a copy with no mic.

Gambit073121d ago

Don't mess with Crecentes locks.

SoapShoes3121d ago

Even Kotaku couldn't deny that this is a good game. I'm surprised they liked it, they're like the American version of Eurogamer and Edge.

arakouftaian3121d ago

Wants to be part of big wars
this game does the Job

the thing is that people dont like to
fallow the leders most of the time
but i have seen improvements
with the time
when everybody knows
what to do the game will be much much enjoyable
the game is a fps action. Packege
and very competitve and fun

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