The Gamers Temple: Urban War Review

The Gamers Temple writes: "Gaming ain't what it used to be. As more and more "regular" people get swept up in social networking, games like Farmville and Mob Wars, considered to be casual games by those of us who have been playing consoles and handhelds for years, have become some of the most-played out there. The girl at the next desk in my office rolls her eyes when I talk about "nerd stuff (i.e. video games, etc.)," but she checks on her virtual farm, livestock and crops no less than 3 times an hour. Bringing more people into the gaming fold, no matter how its done Facebook, iPhone even my parents own a Wii of their own now can only be considered a good thing. What does get under my skin, not just as a reviewer, but a serious gamer as well, is when these casual games are so sloppily put together that they barely resemble games at all. This is where the Facebook/MySpace and now iPhone app Urban War comes in."

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