Why the Dante's Inferno Superbowl Ad is Great for Gaming

Gamervision says, "A few days ago, EA announced they would be airing a two million dollar commercial for their upcoming hack-and-slash adventure, Dante's Inferno, during the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl. With the economy struggling, the game facing nonstop controversy, and international crises demanding money more than ever, many see this as a bad idea. I, however, see it as a brilliant maneuver for EA, Dante's Inferno, and gaming as a whole."

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bpac1234567893029d ago

I really wish sony would advertise God of Wear like this . because I don't feel like the slushy drinks and nascar adverts will be enough.

hoops3029d ago

Sony's one weakness is its advertising department. They should fire the whole lot of them. When Sony was top in the electronic market before the 1990's reccession and before Sony started to outsource its tech to China and other cheaper countries, Sony only had to say in its Ad's and they only said this:

"Sony, the one and only..."

Quality was their game and everyone knew it back then and they did not have to advertise hard. Sony Walkmans...TV's...Receivers... Tape Players...VCR's (after the beta game was done)
Anything Sony made was top notch back then. Then the recession of the late 80's and 90's happened: followed by outsourcing and the quality dropped and Sony advertised like it was the 1970's and 80's still....and it was the 1990's and 2k with less quality tech compared to the new revised and stronger competition like Samsung, Panasonic, Toshiba.

They are behind the times when it comes to marketing and advertising their products. They need to take lessons from Apple or MS.
When you have fantastic games like GOW, GT5, UC2, KZ2 you need to advertis the F*** OUT OF THEM.
What does Sony do? Nada.

Shooter_McGavin3029d ago

God of War is better. Dumb fanboys.