Be Grateful for What's Not on the IPad

PC World: "As with every new release from Apple--whether real or imagined--punditry is rampant over what the iPad has to offer and how it spells the end of e-book readers, netbooks, or Apple itself (depending on who you ask).

If nothing else, the current uproar shows that the neither the IT or business "expert" community has learned anything from the launch of the iPhone--and that there are still a large number of people who do not (or perhaps cannot) understand how Apple operates.

Just as when the iPhone was first announced, everyone is both extremely excited by the iPad's possibilities and disappointed by the lack of at least one feature that they were expecting it to have. In the case of at least two--handwriting recognition and a full-fledged version of OS X--I contend that Apple's move is a deliberate choice for the iPad's future."

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