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Linked In Resume Says "Final Fantasy XIV For PC, PS3, And Xbox 360"

At this past E3, Square Enix said Final Fantasy XIV would launch on PlayStation 3 and PCs. Looks like an Xbox 360 version is in development too. (Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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N4PS3G  +   2009d ago
That was obvious. Square Enix wanted FFXIV on 360 but Xbox Live policy is so strict for MMO and user content that they had to talk a way out and missed simultaneous launch on all platforms. Seems they worked something out.
Chris399  +   2009d ago
It was completely obvious given SE's track record,
with Star Ocean 4 and FF XIII. "We do not comment on rumors." "We are currently developing this title for the PS3 (or 360) only."

That, and they basically said that they were looking into the possibility of a 360 version when they announced the game at E3. I don't remember the exact quote, but it can be Googled.

Unless it's a first party game, or has really been locked down by one of the three console manufacturers, exclusivity is a myth this gen. It's mostly just a question of "when" not "if".
vhero  +   2009d ago
Until MS announce it I wouldn't get your hopes up although E3 is not long away now so MS if they are gonna announce it will no doubt be waiting for E3 to announce it. I think this could be an error though.
gaffyh  +   2009d ago
Yeah everyone expected this, FF14 is not even exclusive from day one (360 version coming later I presume) because PC/PS3 is multiplat, and more people will get it on PC than on PS3/360 (well that's what I would expect anyway).
NYC_Gamer  +   2009d ago
never think anything from 3rd party is truely exclusive....
colonel179  +   2009d ago
I agree third party exclusives are a myth this gen but
then why the hell announce them as exclusives to one console. I know FF XIV was never exclusive to the PS3, but why announce it as "console exclusive" at E3.

The same goes for Queantum Theory, Bioshock, Unreal Tournament, etc.. you get my point.

Actually, I think that timed exclusivity is worst than full exclusivity, even more so with DLC. I mean, if a game was exclusive to ONE console ALWAYS, then it would allow people wo but the console for the game, but this gen, you don't even know if would be better to wait or buy it.

This gen, MS has screwed up the gaming industry with their big a$$ checks they have being handing just to be "exclusive" for a while. And third party developers have been ruining the gaming industry with their lame DLC, greed and broken promises.
IdleLeeSiuLung  +   2009d ago
No, it is not MS as it is the industry as a whole. Nintendo almost never relied on third party exclusives and Sony with the PS1 was really the first. Sega have huge library of IPs.

The only way you are getting exclusivity with third party is timed as it isn't practical otherwise. Basically you would end up funding the development of the game, so why not do it yourself?

Maybe Sony has a timed exclusivity deal on this game since MS has in the past indicated that this game will be on the Xbox 360 during E3 09'. I think it went along the lines of we (MS) didn't know it was exclusive and that wasn't what we had discussed with SE....
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N4PS3G  +   2009d ago

MS said last E3 that FFXIV wasn't exclusive to ps3..people started assuming that because of jack trenton misleading information saying exclusive on PS3 at LAUNCH. Meaning is likely releasing first on PS3 and PC because the 360 version agreement wasn't finalized yet. Square Enix later revealed that conversations with MS to release the game on 360 were happening but that the game might miss simultaneous release thanks to Xbox Live strict policy.

You can infer that the game is already being made on the platform but the announcement had to be hold for policy agreements.

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Tony P  +   2009d ago
@Idle: Seriously doubt it. The only thing that made it seem exclusive was Tretton's wording at the time of announcement.

SE has repeatedly cleared that up and told press they wanted the game on 360 too and are still looking for ways to make it work.
blue7xx7  +   2009d ago
Yeah pretty much even when Sony announced it for the ps3 only. Square enix said later that day that they were looking to the xbox 360. So it was obvious it was also coming to the xbox 360 as well.
sikbeta  +   2009d ago
Well, is SE, It was Pretty Much Obvious, the only games that still being "exclusives" are just cuz they sell cr@p and they cut it out the possibility of a port in order to not spend more money
Prototype  +   2009d ago
More people for Dynamis :D

More people to compete against King Behemoth/Nidhogg/Aspidechelon >:(
FamilyGuy  +   2009d ago
but I wonder how they got past that issue of 360s being on a 360 sever. That was the only deal breaker that we heard of so I wonder if M$ caved and we'll be seeing them online with us and the PC players or if SE caved and M$ gamers will have a sever all to themselves.
Immortal Kaim  +   2009d ago
It would be interesting to find out what this 'strict Live policy' is that was preventing FFXIV going to Xbox 360 in the first place? It can't just be an MMO problem, because the 360 already has FFXI and PSU?
randomwiz  +   2009d ago
"'strict Live policy' "

correct me if i'm wrong but i think they don't allow for online connectivity between other platforms?
tda-danny  +   2009d ago
@ randomwiz
Well, you must be wrong, because FFXI is on the 360, and players who play on that platform are also playing with PC and PS2 players
evrfighter  +   2009d ago
ffxi sees pc,ps2,ps3(bc models), and 360 gamers playing together.
Immortal Kaim  +   2009d ago
Yeah cross platform play is allowed, as demonstrated by FFXI.

So what else could it be? It could be something surrounding MS allowing people to play MMO without a Gold sub? Don't know what other issues there could be?
Rampant  +   2009d ago
It was really really obvious when Jack Tretton announced it at e3 saying "And this one you wont find anywhere else"...

ehem what?
Rush  +   2009d ago
Lolz they should have a server just stuffed full on PS3 and 360 gamers on opposing factions. They will finally have a place to settle there fanboy differences and beat the living crap out of each other without getting hurt.
himdeel  +   2009d ago
Never was exclusive see also PC...
...besides Jack said it's coming to PS3 console first back at E3 but said nothing of exclusivity. Again it's on PC =/= exclusive.

FF11 was PC/PS2/360 folks on same server, this game should be no different.
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bpac123456789  +   2009d ago
Yeah I knew this was coming to the 360. That's why I never counted it when I listed ps3's line up of games. square enix is shifty like that.
Reibooi  +   2009d ago
Square wants the game on as many platforms as possible. Just like FFXI. They probably could not reach a agreement with MS when they first announced the game and hence the PS3 console exclusivity.

The only thing I can think of is MS wants people to have a Gold Live account to play and SE doesn't want that or MS is too greedy and wants a massive cut from the monthly fees and SE isn't gonna give them what they want.

MS said A LONG time ago that any MMO would not require a gold account so I think it's more along the lines of the 2nd problem then the gold account issue.

There is also the question of content but FFXI was not a user content driven game(although there are plenty of user mods for it) so I see no reason for FFXIV to be so that sound not be where the issue lies
gaffyh  +   2009d ago
@1.7 - Nope, Jack SPECIFICALLY mentioned the word "console" when he announced that game. Don't believe me? Check the conference on Youtube or something, because I clearly heard that and knew it was coming to PC day and date.
VileAndVicious  +   2009d ago
Wasnt FF 11 on the original xobx as well? Im not suprised its going to the 360 at all. But given the demographic I wonder if many 360 owners will even care to try it. I guess exclusive really doesnt mean exclusive anymore. Thoughts?
saint_john_paul_ii  +   2009d ago
yes, FFXI was ported to the 360 back in 2006.
madmonkey0  +   2009d ago
i don't think it was on the orignal xbox, but it was on the PC, PS2 and then ported to Xbox360 later on.
tonytouchx  +   2009d ago
today we are in a generation that exclusive is out the window with third party games.
thedisagreefairy  +   2009d ago
mgs4 did miraculously.
Eamon  +   2009d ago
lol, what's wrong with having multiplatform games.

That means everyone can play it.
colonel179  +   2009d ago
I see it wrong in the way that they do not take advantage of ANY hardware. It is great to have multi platform games, but I think that it is also healthy to have third party exclusives.

The problem comes when the tactics to get them exclusive are twisted. This gen MS has been playing dirty business (they have the right to do so, but it does not make it right) and third party developers are either too greedy (receiving money to make games multiplatform) or too lazy (to take advantages of the hardware).

I know development has become very expensive this gen, and therefore third party devs want as much revenue as they can get, the problem is that now every developer wants to sell 4 million in day one.
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bjornbear  +   2009d ago
@ colonel
yes but thats what 1st party games are for =)

+ MGS4 did use PS3's hardware well considering it filled a lot of the blu-ray disk

still i partially agree - multi-plats will always be limited by the weaker link

now many will get mad and say "grrrr fanboy!"

but think about it:

why, then, has there not be 1 multi-plat or even 360 exclusive half as technically impressive as Uncharted 2, Killzone 2 or even Heavy Rain?

I'm asking honestly - someone please answer me, because otherwise, its just assuming i'm trolling, and i'm not.

My point is: multi-plays are always limited by dvd9 as well as porting to ps3 (which does NOT work well sometimes)

I think the best deal this gen is to let multi-plats work with what there is to work with

meanwhile exclusives can keep pushing the technical boundaries =)

+ i agree with eamon, multiplats : more people get to play, and to me thats just as important as advancing technologically
Godmars290  +   2009d ago
You also get cases like Borderlands having to accommodate the 360 at the expense of the PC and PS3.

Forget that MS doesn't even try to make a game that maximizes what the 360 can do. That's if it hasn't reached its limit already.
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Eamon  +   2009d ago

I understand that making games exclusive would allow hardware to be fully utilised.

I agree with you to a point, because in the end, if the game is fun and enjoyable with decent graphics, then what's there to be sad about?

Bioshock 2 is a good example. To me, even if the lighting is not as amazing as Uncharted 2, or the models don't have as many polygons as Heavy Rain, or if the engine isn't as advanced as MGS4, I will still enjoy it because the the environment is very detailed and it becomes a character itself. Same for gameplay and story. They will be top notch.

Well, all this considering that Bioshock 2 is as amazing as the first. Only 1 week left. Can't wait.

As for Final Fantasy XIV, I was never interested in it regardless of platform because I don't want to pay for an online MMO.

Edit: Both going exclusive or going multiplatform are double-edged swords in their own ways.

+ Being able to make the most out of one hardware
+ More developer time since none is speant on porting or working on 2 platforms simultaneously.
- Risk of not gaining enough sales
- Therefore sales will may not be enough to cover high development costs.

+ Everyone gets to play the game
+ Therefore increased number of sales
- Not being able to make the most out of hardware
- Thus alienating a portion of consumers who only spend money on exclusives.
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WildArmed  +   2009d ago
Well good.
Since 90% of the console population doesn't care, SE can keep their P2P MMOs.
As much as I loved FF11, I ain't going back to P2P games while there are equal calibur games that are F2P.
Dev8 ing  +   2009d ago
P2P sucks! Boycott the game if it has it. Take a stand.
NYC_Gamer  +   2009d ago
it makes perfect sense nothing from 3rd party should be exclusive
NYC_Gamer  +   2009d ago
hey its 3rd party so it should be multiplat
BYE  +   2009d ago
Exactly, same goes for Mass Effect 2 and Splinter Cell Conviction.
Aclay  +   2009d ago
Even after FF14 was first announced at E3 Square was already considering more platforms http://www.n4g.com/events_e... so a 360 version has always been expected.

It just seems like FF14 will launch first on the PS3/PC in Late 2010 with the 360 version following in 2011... unless Square delays it so that all versions can have a simultaneous launch in 2011.

And seriously, if Versus XIII is going to go multiplat., SE should just come clean ASAP instead of messing around b/c I'm just sick of seeing something being proclaimed as "Exclusive" and companies leading people to believe that something is exclusive MONTHS after release whenever it has intentions of going multiplat. in the future.
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hanzai  +   2009d ago

who woulda thought...
blair_enigma  +   2009d ago
can anyone explain to me about these parties? what are those 1st party/2nd party/3rd party? i dont understand..
Darkeyes  +   2009d ago
1st party means a game studio owned by Sony/M$/Nintendo themselves hence when someone says a 1st party game, then it's 100% exclusive... It's mainly a Sony show here as they own more First party than M$ and Nintendo combined.

3rd party means a company like Sony/M$ signs a deal with a game studio to make a game exclusive. In short games like Agent on PS3 are 3rd party Exclusives since they are made by Rock* exclusively for the PS3, whereas games like Gears are 3rd party exclusives for 360 since EPIC make the game... 3rd party exclusivity is nearly dead this gen as most previous companies who were exclusives are going multi-plat... Like MGS series, FF series, Bioshock, GTA DLC, all once exclusive are gone to other platforms. In short 3rd party exclusive=risky prospects as at the most you get timed exclusives.

2nd party... Well even I don't know and not seen many companies known as 2nd party... But I guess it would be something like 3rd party, but Sony/M$ themselves invest in publishing the game which makes it as good as first party (the company holds the IP)..... In short you rope in a 3rd party dev and fund the games development. Best example is Insomniac which are 3rd party, but their games like Resistance and Rachet and Clank are owned by Sony so they can't go multi-plat and even if they decide, they can't take those franchise. Hence they are kind of 2nd party devs.
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unrealgamer58  +   2009d ago
" Looks like an Xbox 360 version is in development too. "

Quadrix  +   2009d ago
Final Fantasy should stay as far away from the 360 as possible.
xaviertooth  +   2009d ago
another game. another gimped experience. another disservice to gamers.
Omega4  +   2009d ago
Next will be FFvsXIII most likely, there has yet to be a HD SE game not on the 360 this gen so its looking very likely.
NYC_Gamer  +   2009d ago
thats why we should be happy that sony has strong first party support....all 3rd party titles should be multi
ClownBelt  +   2009d ago
A P2P is always a no no.
Unicron  +   2009d ago
Third party exclusives are almost dead.

Welcome to 2008. ;-)

FF Versus/360 no?
ME Collection/PS3 anyone?
bjornbear  +   2009d ago
but isn't 360 highly dependent on third party games?
Godmars290  +   2009d ago
Its dependent on being presented as the only platform for them. Something that's becoming harder to do, and hasn't work in regards to Europe and Japan.
blair_enigma  +   2009d ago
just wanna say thanks for clarifying that one up for me. i understand perfectly now and makes sense of it..

well business is business i guess..
ClownBelt  +   2009d ago
Remember the announcement for FF versus 13 on February? It will be announce for the Xbox 360. Lol.
colonel179  +   2009d ago
there's no announcement of anything FFv13 related in Feb
Jeff Rubeinstein in the PS Blog said that in febraury will be likely that Square Enix will be posting in the blog, but he never said it will be FFv13 related, or an announcement for that matter.

He was just replying to a question regarding news on FFv13 and Square Enix posting on the blog.

The first news on FFv13 will come more likely at E3
Apocalypse Shadow  +   2009d ago
of course it was coming.
we play in an age of PAID lying and delayed response to what we already know is true.

square has been the biggest liers this gen.followed by capcom and a few others this gen.unworthy of the respect i once held for some of these companies.

unless a third party game can match or exceed the exclusives being made,they just won't be bought.

square games bought this gen-0
capcom games bought this gen-1(BC-rearmed)
namco games bought this gen-1(RR7-traded it in)
activision games bought this gen-2(spiderman3-sucked and traded in/wolverine acceptable and kept for now)

the list goes down the line of companies i used to like that have fallen to first party games i bought more of.

square blows after merging with enix.and FFxiii is half the game it should of been for obvious reasons.ffxiv won't be bought either.
Mottsy  +   2009d ago
Sweet deal
I will defintly try this game out. Hear they were trying to make it F2P and if thats true then i will be defintly pickin this up!
jackdoe  +   2009d ago
They flat out said it was coming onto the 360 so I don't think this is news. PS3 and PC version will come out first due to their MMO friendly infrastructures.
Jdoki  +   2009d ago
I thought it was confirmed shortly after E3 that FFXIV was only a timed exclusive on PS3?
jackdoe  +   2009d ago
Not even timed. It was flat out said that the PS3 and PC versions were being developed first due to Square trying to figure out how they would successfully market the game on the 360. Or something to that account.
Heartbroken-Menace  +   2009d ago
Cool, although If I was a 360 only owner I wouldn't care, there are much bigger games coming out
rather than just another damn final fantasy.
TheColbertinator  +   2009d ago
Ughh please someone cancel the MMO and just stick to a normal FF.Or cancel FF as well.The whole series is washed up
Lucreto  +   2009d ago
I say it will go to the 360 but it will be on a separate server than the PS3/ PC. That option is the only way for MS to protect its user policy.
Godmars290  +   2009d ago
Question is will the 360 version have PC connectivity like the PS3 one is suppose to have, or like most its MMOs will it need separate servers. How that will effect things.
TehCell  +   2009d ago
Square has pwnd you all once again.
More gimped gamez, moar money, amirite?
NYC_Gamer  +   2009d ago
how?i'll say it again all 3rd party titles should be enjoyed by everyone...pc/ps3/360 and even wii
TehCell  +   2009d ago
They SHOULD be enjoyed by everyone?
So what if MGS4 was multiplat? Would it still be enjoyable as it is now? Graphics, length, online?

Games shouldnt be enjoyed by everyone, because it will be held back for the inferior platform, therefore, they wont reach full potential.

Afterall, bad ports are not as enjoyable as the superior ones, right?
NYC_Gamer  +   2009d ago
first party games are the only ones that should be exclusive...well us console owners will still enjoy crysis 2 even though the pc version will offer better graphics and such..
Immortal Kaim  +   2009d ago
@ Random
Nope, FFXI allows for cross platform play between 360/PC and PS2 gamers, so it must be something else?
Claudinho69  +   2009d ago
wowwwwwwww.....Even sony clearly said time exclusive for the ps3......
Optical_Matrix  +   2009d ago
Well FFXI was on 360 so why not? Also notice what Jack Tretton said when it was announced. He did not call it exclusive. He said that "PS3 will be the only CONSOLE you'll be able to play FFXIV on when it launches in 2010". That's what he said word for word. Meaning that this game will not be out for 360 at launch. But is more than likely to appear later on at some point, probably in 2011 when Versus XIII hits.
seifer085  +   2009d ago
3rd party studios
exclusives are very rare these days. ME is 98% coming to ps3 so no surprise here either. I do wish FF v 13 stays exclusive cause that game w no limitations can be awesome!
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