Apple IPad: A Stretch IPod Touch With a Business Model

PC World: "Two years ago I wrote about what I'd like to see in an Apple tablet. Of the 21 features I listed, the Apple iPad seems to meet or come close to 14 of them. Not too bad.

But now that I see the iPad, I'm not satisfied. However, I do think that it is far too early to tell if the iPad, or the iPad Pro that I hope will soon be announced, is an actual game changer like the iPod and iPhone have been. Right now the iPad looks like a stretch iPod touch with a business model.

I'm not someone who buys everything that Apple makes. I have managed to skip a few products, and I think the iPad will be one of those.

That said, I do think the iPad, or maybe its business model, is important in the evolution of how people deal with the Internet."

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