World of Warcraft devs talk more Cataclysm talent changes

Blizzard has offered more insight as to how the company will be revamping talent trees to coincide with the launch of Cataclysm, World of Warcraft's third expansion.

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Aaroncls73233d ago

Wow is great for new players, mega lame for old school veterans. One day someone will have to shoot that old horse.

Blizzard only cares about increasing the income flow, even though they're like gazillionaires...

primesuspect3233d ago

It's still compelling for veterans though. I'm excited about Cataclysm in that it seems that Blizzard is recognizing the fact that veterans are disenchanted with the decrease in difficulty.

Dmitry Orlov3233d ago

After they announced Worgen as I playable race I got excited. But when they actually showed the new Worgen and they had no tails... I'll pass, thanks.

Thracks3233d ago

As a World of Warcraft veteran (beta player, 4-6 day/week raider in EQ+WoW, major theorycrafter across 3 classes, rank 10+12 PvPer, 2000-rated S3 Arena player), I concur that the game is no longer compelling. Every patch and boss strategy I read reeks of things that have come before, and I cringe at every change that simplifies the game for the droves of undeserving bads which get catered to in spite of the legitimately good players. I understand the economic sense behind this business model, but it drove me to quit, and will keep it that way.

chrisWhite3233d ago

I can completely understand your point Thracks, I'm sure this is a bummer for the really hard-core players. But it does make the game much more accessible to players like me who get bored of anything 5000 hours in. :) I'd rather play it to the end once and then move on, but that's not really an MMO wet dream.

Zenmode3233d ago

Blizzard is hoping to bridge the gap of learning from veteran players to new or inexperienced players with many of these changes - I'd be surprised if we don't see them add more user-friendly changes before the expansion is released.

chrisWhite3233d ago

As someone who played six months (give-or-take) of WoW and got a single character up to about 50 before Burning Crusades came out and then got bored I find this really compelling. Simplifying the skill trees and focusing on more active skills will make every level a little more interesting and keep the pace up better. Or, at least that's what it looks like.

I'm quite interested in returning to WoW after Cataclysm, especially with the almost legendary improvements to MMO narrative and storytelling people keep talking about in the last expansion. If that translates back down to the lower level content I'm stoked to give it another go.

3233d ago
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